steampunk masquerade

Inktober drawing

Dicks fanclub of older men - Masquerade Ball
this took me too fucking long to finish. When I started this I also wanted to draw individual pieces with each of them dancing with Dick, but now I think I never want to draw those costumes again…


Typical cosplayer, finishes their outfit and props one night before they need it, nonetheless:  

Storm Hawks Renaissance/Masquerade/Steampunk AU thingie anyone~?

Decided to do this for Halloween this year, because why the hell not, if I’m this deep in my Storm Hawks Phase anyway~?

There’s little A’s on the buttons of the coat, I’m screaming, this guy’s so extra, I could so see him actually pulling shit like that XD

S/O to both @littleblackchat​ and @hubedihubbe

I have been meaning to post pictures and will probably post more later but I wanted to show you that this did occur and I’m so thankful for both the design and the encouraging words. I had a blast as Chat! I even made Steampunk jokes for my masquerade entry and won at one of them! (My Entry was “Miraculous SteamPUNS”) The power unit in the back, cataclysm glove, and ring all glowed (paint and LED). Plus my staff could extend and shrink. All of my cosplay was made by me with a few items exempted (like my green cat-eye contacts).

Thanks again for being so encouraging!


Fully Illustrated by Cromwell Schubarth

A lot of burners at the Steampunk Masquerade in Oakland got all dressed for it. This guy came clothed in ink.


Avoid Contact by Cromwell Schubarth

This unicorn-horned burner was found at the Steampunk Masquerade in Oakland.


Hey I’m doing a clean out my closet/cosplay giveaway

Must be following me (opal-confinement)
Must reblog or like. but it’s better If you do both
Must be willing to tell me where you live
I will also ship out of north America

Items that will be given away(cat not included):
Gold crown(made of real metal)
Steampunk goggles
Masquerade mask
Naruto leaf village head band
The secrets of high magic book
Cleansing sage
Sage feather(blue)
Tarot cards

Giveaway ends on June 1st
If you have any questions just ask :)


Model Saleswoman by Cromwell Schubarth

One of the merchants at the Steampunk Masquerade, showing her style.