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Cath Grace 

“These are the Steampunk costumes I made for my kids at my son’s request. The clothes and all the accessories were made by me, out of both new and upcycled materials. My son is wearing wool knickerbockers with brass accents, a cotton vest with steampunk style buttons and accents, a “flame thrower” backpack, a leather eye patch with watch parts, a handmade tie, and a newspaper boy cap with handmade optical attachment. The shoulder armor was made from a brass pot.My Daughter is wearing a Victorian style gown made from wool with an ostrich pleather waist cincher and vintage lace chest ruffle. She has leather wrist-lets that are fastened by vintage keys, and a tiny top hat that has watch parts attached to the net. (The jacket has a little bustle on the back too.) Her little robot dog was hand painted to look steampunk.”

This series from @thenovl and @gailcarriger is such a joy. Whether you read for clever girls who can handle fist fights as well as tea parties, adorable romances, paranormal creatures integrated into society, mechanical puppers, and/or some solid sneakytimes, you’ll find all these things in The Finishing School series!

Now I just need to be a good little reader and get my hands on the final paperback. SOAP, MY LOVE, I HAVEN’T FORGOTTEN YOU!

((Hey gang! I’m working on some asks right now but I wanted to announce that me and a couple of friends are in the process of making a new BMC ask blog that is a Peculiar Children Steampunk AU–so based off of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children set in a Steampunk universe. All the kids are “peculiars” and have special powers, and the squip takes care of them all! It’s gonna be really fun °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Somewhere in the afterlife, Annabel is screaming

Reasons why Dinotopia should be the next big dinosaur film

1) Steampunk + dinosaurs; come on kids i know u love this shit

2) Utopian Sci-Fi, gtfo with your grimdark angst, breathe deep seek peace motherfucker

3) Like a Miyazaki film but with dinosaurs

4) Diverse multicultural representation and dinosaurs

5) Both kinds of dinos, feathered and non, plus Pleistocene babes!

6) You get awesome fantasy sports like Quidditch BUT WITH DINOSAURS 

7) It’s goddamn amaziballs gorgeous, I mean fuck, just look 

8) All the characters are adorable. Main characters are dinosaurs and/or grumpy Victorians. 

9) Everyone finds ways of cooexisting and communicating with each other and working together to form an ideal society WITH DINOSAURS.



If only the clockwork could speak
I wouldnt be so alone
We burn every magnet and spring
And spiral into the unknown

Mourning Dove was a concept that got scrapped so long ago, recycled because he didn’t quite fit in how i wanted to.

But it’s a concept i couldn’t let die, so he’s back with a new face for a new story <3


I had to do it. I had no choice. (I’m so sorry.)


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