steampunk horns

Chapter Five

What had been happening with Milo’s family the last month?

Martin Murphy and family hadn’t been idle in their captivity. Martin especially had been lying in wait for the security put upon them to lapse for long enough to make good their escape.

Brigitte had only dared to hint at who she had entrusted Milo’s safety to, careful not to reveal too many details— just in case their captors were listening in.

Martin was glad that after a week of searching he had overheard from their captors that there hadn’t even been the slightest indication of Milo’s whereabouts.

Whoever was taking care of Milo seemed to be able to manage Murphy’s Law well enough that even people who were looking for instances of Murphy’s Law couldn’t find them.

Then they were made to do that press conference. Martin hoped that if whoever had Milo saw it, they would be able to tell from his stress on the word -safe- that they were to continue to keep Milo hidden, and under no circumstances should they turn him over to the authorities.

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