steampunk group


ComicCon17 Stuttgart

We had a little nyo-hetalia steampunk group and a lot of fun.
I enjoyed this day with my friends - hope to see you all soon again.

Do not mess up with a Dane!

Nyo-Norway: @fumoffu5
Nyo-Denmark: @story-of-infinity
Nyo-Iceland: me
Mr Puffin: Loki

Photos by: @lillianastark


Some beautiful and awesome pictures from last weekend’s Comic Con in Stuttgart, Germany. 

Our Nyotalia!Steampunk Nordic group was soooo awesome. We had so much fun on this weekend! 

Thanks for @lillianastark for those pictures of

Nyo!Iceland by @reiscosplay

Nyo!Norway by @fumoffu5

and Nyo!Denmark by me. 

I am absolutely sure that they all love Denmark by the way >:D