steampunk goggles


Marvelous new steampunk-goggles<3/ Zauberhafte neue Steampunk-Brillen

You can buy them here/ Hier kannst du sie kaufen

DIY Steampunk Goggles

So I was inspired to do my own Goggles by Mo'Brien‘s video. The only problem was that we don’t have a Dollar Store like that in Austria. So I made many mistakes, and I didn’t really like my first version. 

A friend helped me out and showed me another way to make my googles, and that’s what I did. :)

All in all I needed a transparent cover, fabric, corrugating medium, a glue gun, some wire, nail polish, painting colours, pringels, some sticky tape and thumb tacks. :D

That’s what my friend did for me, I only had to do the other one, and find out how to put them together.

I’ve alredy had the the brown form from my first try. I’ve cut them out of the pringels box and then glued the ends together, so that the goggle had a smaller radius. Don’t forget to paint them! ;)

After that I had to take the corrugating medium and form it like one of the googles. The corrugating medium has to fit inside the main form. Close the ends of the corrugating medium with some sticky tape. After that I had to glue the transparent cover over the corrugating medium form and push it into the main form. It fitted, so I glued it inside of the main form with the glue gun.

When that was done I was able to decorate my goggles with thumb tacks and corrugating medium.

I’m not good at sewing, but I’ve managed to do it. :D My fabric was to thin for my opinion. That’s why I doubled the width. 

I’ve just sewd with no length in mind. The longer the better in this case.

Then I had to turn around the fabric. I didn’t like that part. So, yeah … here’s a heart. <3

I’m sorry to say that but I had to iron the haert out.

Repeat the sewing steps. And repeat it again with a piece of fabric that will sit perfectly  over your nose!

First I thought it was a good idea to stick the fabric to lenses with my glue gun. It didn’t look that good, but I’ve let the smaller piece for the nose stay in it’s space. 

I took some of my wire and formed it in a way so it would be the perfect holder. I’ve painted the wire golden to fit the colours and glued it to the sides of the main form with the glue gun. 

I thought It wouldn’t hurt either to paint the cold glue golden, too. 

After that I cut the other fabric strips, so that they would fit my head perfectly. Then I had to sew one end together and put the other end around the holder and the sew it together.

Tadaa :D