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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003) | Mina Harker

Is the vampiric sucking of people’s blood radical behavior?

Code: Realize: Steampunk Gentlemen

This is one I’ve been waiting for a long time to scan. Originally sold as a wall scroll at I believe the 2015 Summer Otomate Market, it was included with the illustrations for the visual fan book for the Code:Realize fan disk. Each and every one of the guys looks amazingly handsome. The suits are similar but not identical. It’s also worth noting that these likely served as the base for the outfits they use during the “Lupin’s Mafia” story in the fan disk (they look very similar as well).

My personal favorite of course is Van. I find it interesting most of the suits he is seeing wearing in illustrations are pin-stripe suits. Guess that’s his favorite. I’ve really become a big fan of steampunk ever since I got into Code:Realize and I have to thank miko’s gorgeous illustrations for that. Part of me wants to know what Saint Germain is writing, but I get the feeling with that look on his face, it’s better not to ask….

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After donating his heart to save his only son Jarvis, Jarvis devoted his life to engineering to bring his father back to life. Picking up his father’s work, he found an alternative power source that could bring him back. Preserving his body in a deep freeze incubator, Jarvis spent 10 years of his young adult life to engineer a mechanized suit using the power of steam to breathe life to his father.

Introducing Gentlemen Stark.