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Steampunk House: Having never decorated a steampunk house before I used my imagine and I think it does look steampunk-ish.  I tried to find as many items that looked steampunk. The only pieces of furniture in this room that are truly steampunk is the billiards table, the console table, the t.v. and I think the circular windows are.  I do love those curtains tho. I move so many things around when decorating that final pics many times don’t look like the originals. Case in point. The first pic doesn’t match with the 3rd pic. But I still like the 1st pic. 



A stunning early 1900′s dental / medical cabinet made all in steel metal and glass with cabriole legs on casters and lower shelf. . Adjustable glass shelves. A fantastic way to display your collection or single art piece. A very rare and hard to come by model. 

Item No. E4459

Dimensions: 61″ tall x 25″ wide x 21″ deep


Please contact LBNO for further information or trade consideration.

504.581.3733 / t / e

Who remembers those awesome steampunk boots from yesterday’s post?  Pretty cool, eh?

Instead of a fashion post, Alice is going to show you guys another easy-to-do tutorial.

How to make INSTANT Steampunk boots (no sewing required!)

What you need:

  • A pair of cute Edwardian/Victorian-looking boots
  • Fabric glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Vintage-looking buttons
  • Anything else cool you want to add on (I got myself some scrapbook clocks)
  • A good cup of tea in a geeky cup of your choice

External image

Step 1: select the buttons/stick-ons you want to use on your boots and then position them in the areas of your choice.  I personally chose to put them on the ankles of my boots. You can put them where ever you want!

External image

To add some creative flair, I made each boot’s button/add-on combination different.

Step 2: Take out your glue and begin sticking them on! 

External image

Make sure the glue you choose dries up clear because things will get messy.

External image

Step 3: Time to let your boots dry! Depending on your choice of glue, it might take a few hours to dry or even overnight.

External image

 I recommend leaving your boots to dry overnight just to make sure the glue is securing everything properly.

Step 4: Clean up the excess with a toothpick.

External image

As you can tell from the image above, not all the glue has dried up clear.  There is a chance this might happen to you too.  The best way to solve this is to use a toothpick and dig out all the white/visible bits of glue.

Toothpicks are great because they can get into the nook and crannies of your boot details.

Step 5: Show them off - LIKE A BOSS!

External image

External image

There you have it! Your own set INSTANT Steampunk boots.  All you gotta do is put them on and SHOW THEM OFF!

Let us know what your sexy Steampunk boots look like - send us your photos or even suggestions to make this tutorial better!


So, a few days ago, I was doing returns in the home improvement store that I work in and saw a really cool light fixture hanging in the electrical department. The fixture had a old-timey bulb and a cage shaped for it. I immediately tried to think of what I could make with the fixture.

The next day, a man came through my line bragging about how he makes all of his furniture out of blackpipe. I thought it was a fun enough idea so I decided to give it a go for myself. I found a really nice example online that I could tweak to incorporate the cage, and then went ahead and bought everything I’d need. 2 days and 60 bucks later, I have a new lamp c: