steampunk daleks

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Yeah! It’s called The Way Station, and it’s located in Brooklyn! 

All of the drinks are either Doctor Who-themed, or are named after a nerdy pop culture thing: every Doctor has their own “sonic screwdriver” cocktail, along with a few other drinks like River’s Red Setting, The Companion, The Rose Tyler, Captain Jack, and Stormageddeon!

The bathroom is a literal TARDIS with Doctor Who murals and autographs all over the walls inside (and they recently added an LED starry ceiling to it, as well!)

There are lots of Easter eggs all over the place too (a trash bin subtly modded to look like a Dalek, steampunk painted Nerf guns on the walls, a sonic screwdriver beer tap, a little fez behind the bar, etc.), and they have live music and screenings all the time.

The drinks are delicious, the decor is awesome, and the place is usually packed with all types of people: definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area!

You can see more pics from inside the TARDIS room here!


Steampunk Dalek!

I’ve been working on this one, off and on, for the past month or so. Influences include antique Victorian birdcages, microscopes and military uniforms, as well as the Martian war machines from HG Wells’ War of the Worlds.