steampunk cycle

clockways  asked:

Because Harris is my favorite (steals him when you're not looking) and Darcy is The Best, what is the most amazing/insane/odd date the two of them have had?

Harris will go with you pretty willingly, you seem nice and normal and not at all like a secret agent.  

I think that Darcy’s the kind of girl who goes through the city calendar and wants to do EVERYTHING!  Poetry slam at the public library by a teen group?  Awesome.  Greek festival in one of the burroughs?  Aw, yes, let’s do this up.  Shakespeare in the park?  You know it.  Snowshoeing through a nature sanctuary? Man she’s going to regret it but let’s go!  Mudder race through a park?  She’s already pre-registered.  Art festival?  Garlic festival?  Cycle festival?  Steampunk festival?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

Harris does a lot of ‘how do you find these things?’ in between trying to find something she hasn’t already discovered, because the only thing better than exploring the city with Darcy is seeing her face light up when he hands her a printout of a flier for an overnight event at one of the local museums.