steampunk compass

So we got these necklaces in at work and at first I was like what is this weird lump of brass

but then I tugged on the end because I’m a monkey and that’s my natural response to things I don’t understand and holy shit its a tiny telescope!!

It has little glass lenses in either end

and it actually magnifies things (just a tiny bit but I’m a tiny person) and makes you feel like the worlds teeniest little sky pirate!!

and they make all sorts of cool necklaces with compasses and whistles and other actually functional things but they look really pretty and I want to buy them all!!

I seriously want all of these around my neck right now

Hey everyone, due to other conflicts, Sylvia and I never managed to post our list of May recommendations!! So here’s a little impromptu collection of our recommendations for Steampunk!! 

If you want to know more about Steampunk or the recommendations, don’t hesitate to message me or grangerandherbooks

Happy Reading! 

2015 Book Genre Challenge