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I finished Luna! She’s an oc for @loonylein ‘s steampunk project. I really enjoy drawing this kind of clothes and style in general, I really love it.

Her name is Luna, her daemon is a Raven/Crow (I don’t know the difference), she loves engineering and the stufy of animals (she’s the tipe of girl who will have a notebook full of drawings and notes about animal anatomy etc), she’s very pragmatic, and so even if she’s a nivel girl to everyone it’s hard to become close friends with her, and also she tends to get a bit obssesed with her passions and wants to know as much as she can.

Something important to me

When I love something, I love it intensely but often it dies down and I go back to feeling neutral- TV shows, books, after a few months they go back to becoming fond memories of good times and something to relive if I’m feeling down. One of the only exceptions I’ve had regarding this trend is the ‘His Dark Materials’ trilogy- I was never knee deep in fanart and headcanons, never swept away with the intense mania the Internet brings but my love for these books has been steady, constant, unwavering. Their universe of Dust and Daemons is the only one I’ve truly wanted to escape to and live there instead. Now, years after reading them, anything steampunk (though this isn’t the full aesthetic of the series) brings me such unspeakable happiness that I can’t express- The Amber Spyglass was the first book that ever made me cry, and now just thinking of it makes me want to jump in to the series and re immerse myself in Will and Lyra’s troubles and adventures.
And now it seems that something’s rekindled in the universe, new books coming out and a potentially decent TV adaption, all of these memories of mine resurfacing. I’m glad I never jumped in at the deep end, scrolling through the tumblr tag deep into the night because it’s let me develop a personal response to the books, one that’s entirely my own without the influence of other people’s fantasies, a love that’s a deep set constant in my life which keeps grounded while my heart jumps from obsession to obsession.

So we got these necklaces in at work and at first I was like what is this weird lump of brass

but then I tugged on the end because I’m a monkey and that’s my natural response to things I don’t understand and holy shit its a tiny telescope!!

It has little glass lenses in either end

and it actually magnifies things (just a tiny bit but I’m a tiny person) and makes you feel like the worlds teeniest little sky pirate!!

and they make all sorts of cool necklaces with compasses and whistles and other actually functional things but they look really pretty and I want to buy them all!!

I seriously want all of these around my neck right now

Hey everyone, due to other conflicts, Sylvia and I never managed to post our list of May recommendations!! So here’s a little impromptu collection of our recommendations for Steampunk!! 

If you want to know more about Steampunk or the recommendations, don’t hesitate to message me or grangerandherbooks

Happy Reading! 

2015 Book Genre Challenge

#Supernatural TippiTV recap: 10-21 “Dark Dynasty”

Previously on Supernatural

Sam had a lot of terrible ideas to fix Dean. Everyone told him they were terrible ideas. Like, even dead people told him. Probably random strangers at the grocery store told him and we just didn’t see it.

Currently on Supernatural:

Nighttime in Omaha, Nebraska. A young woman with Freddie Lounds hair meets with a doctor in his office. She thinks she’s there to participate in some kind of research study about eyesight, but starts to think that something’s weird when the doctor tries to kiss her.

Her suspicions are confirmed when he then slits her throat and uses a melon baller to scoop out her eyes. OMG that is not what a melon baller is for! It’s right there in the name! A janitor, hearing the noise, rushes into the office just in time to see the doctor jump out of the window with the pilfered eyeballs.

By the way, this is what the “doctor” was looking at on his computer before the murder:

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