steampunk clocks

“Our time is running out
And our time is running out
You can’t push it underground
We can’t stop it screaming out “

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Lance / Pidge / Keith / Hunk / Shiro / Allura

when I think about Coran I get some feeling of nostalgia…like, I think time is an important part of this charactere, always speaking about “back in his time” (not like an old man who give you a lesson but more like when you remember the good times, like when you really get nostalgic about the past).


Steampunk Orrery Jewelry

I set myself a challenge last year to make an orrery (model of the solar system) to fit under a glass dome that is under an inch wide.  There is a pile of rejects on my desk - it took a long time to find the right supplies and construction. The “planets” are half beads resting on a vintage hairspring.  They needed to be very light so they didn’t drag the spring down.  I would love to have found copper tone half beads for Mars and Jupiter but I couldn’t source any.  Saturn does have her ring!  

I must stress - nothing moves on this pendant.  It is a static representation not a true mechanical orrery.  One day I would love to create tiny moving ones.  It is sealed under the glass to keep it pristine.  

The pendant is 1 ½ inches high and 1 inch wide.  The brass faceted cut cable link chain has a fixed drop of 13 inches long (from the pendant to the clasp) for a total length of 26 inches.  It has a lobster claw clasp.

I’m selling this in my Etsy store

Feuilly works in a watch and clock shop. It started as an interest in steampunk during high school, which developed into an actual fascination with gears and the inner workings of machinery. He still holds onto a bit of steampunk though, especially the menswear because the suits are absolutely stunning.

Bahorel just found this really cool mini grandfather clock at a thrift shop, but it’s broken beyond what he knows from his 10 minute google search. So he looks up the closest clock shop and heads over for an actual professional to do.. whatever it is that they do.

As soon as he enters the shop, he’s greeted by this impeccably handsome man. His face is freckled and boyish, a tuft of red hair poking out of his gear accented top hat, but his suit is honestly more fashionable than anything Bahorel has ever seen. He even has a pocket watch dangling from his suit jacket. He looks like he’s straight out of a comic.

He was going to just drop off the clock and go. Keyword: was.

And if all of the clocks in his apartment mysteriously stop working, well then that’s just a convenient coincidence.