steampunk cinderella


3 pages from Steampunk Cinderalla by Rod Espinosa, Dec 2013, published by Anarctic Press.

I appreciate a clever Cinderella.  She saved wine and some of that feast for herself but let her wicked stepmother think all she was walking away with was a stale piece of bread (which she instead is saving for birds). 


3 more pages from Steampunk Cinderella by Rod Espinosa.

The ghost of her inventor father takes the place of the fairy godmother role.

This is where the steampunk comes in.  My favorite panel is where she FORGES HER OWN GLASS SLIPPERS:

I’d like to scan the whole comic but would much rather you support the writer/artist.  You can buy it from the company here:

There’s a twist at the end of the tale that I enjoyed and I think you will too.