steampunk books

Okay, so, hear me out: Autistic Steampunk.

Like, a main character who loves the pressure of corsets and heat stims by drinking tea.

She’s very sensory averse when it comes to touch, and hides behind what’s “proper” to avoid getting mucky, as well as avoiding unfamiliar situations.

And her special interests are engineering and fashion.

So this prim and proper young woman, who is always the best dressed at any occasion, is quite recluse and no one knows her very well. And none of them realise that she’s the best engineer in London.

The Miskatonic Herball.
This is a hand carved and inked proof of my most recent project. I’m thinking of turning it into an entire chapbook or something this year and would appreciate your feedback. Would you be interested in the ramblings of a disgraced Puritan Reverend who was sent to investigate the disappearance of one of his brethren as detailed in the opening of The Dunwich Horror?
It would take the shape of a Herbal, a guide to plants, animals, and folk wisdom, that was popular in the dawn of print. Could be a fun prop for gaming, too.
If you could let me know if this is a Good Idea via comments or reblogs or however this works, I’d really appreciate it (and might work you into the text if I go forward with the project).

Happy 7th Birthday Parasol Protectorate! Here is a portrait of Alexia Maccon, the one who started it all. Thank you @gailcarriger for sharing such a fun world.

Okay so we are supposed to share a memory of how we got into Parasol Protectorate. Mine isn’t really exciting. It was back in 2011, one of my besties @thelobstermobster was reading Blameless on the couch while a bunch of friends were playing Mario Kart or Mac was playing KH2, idk and we started talking about it so I just got it on Audible and fell in love.

Soap and Sophronia from Gail Carriger’s Finishing School series. This is after the series. These cuties are about to make a mess of an airship (they do that often) and kissing good luck before they get down to work.