steampunk artist

Brickwork taken to new levels.

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas Performance Piece, Dennis Oppenheim
24’ H x 12’ W x 12’ D
Steel, galvanized steel, epoxy, pigments, cement, bugles, fire brick, foam and fiberglass This piece invites one to consider the fusion of architecture and musical performance. A chimney is turned into a wind instrument, suggesting one could play or perform it. The cavity of a functional object (chimney) is considered for its sound producing qualities. In the same way, one could consider playing or performing a building by walking through it.

I have been listening to so much electro swing these past few days I’m getting sick. I also know way too much stuff about Nikola Tesla now.


Steampunk Mystic Messenger, inspired by @megmesometea ‘s AU :

Eligor ver.XXXIX The Scribe

They say that our lives are a story that has yet to be written and that the author will start the first page upon our death.

Death though is a relative term for us, for no one in our city ever truly dies, they’re just…redistributed. They say that all inhabitants of our city come from the Code. That when we die, we return to the Code and our experiences are mixed in and distributed with other newly decreased, and this new jumble of data will become a new citizen. With no memories of our past lives, we continue on forever adding to the Code.

Our lives aren’t just erased though, no. Who we are and everything we’ve ever done is recorded in a book and stored away. Who writes these books, you ask? That would be The Scribe, Eligor. He, along with dozens of Drones record, and process each and every story that comes through their halls and by doing so ensures that no citizen is ever forgotten or lost. There have been thirty nine previous versions of Eligor so far, with a new Eligor being chosen every few generations.

Who Eligor is exactly is a mystery as we only ever meet him twice in our lives. Once at our inception and then again at our conclusion. It is He who decides what makes up our code to go into the world with, and it is He who writes our story at the end.