steampunk artist

Brickwork taken to new levels.

Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas Performance Piece, Dennis Oppenheim
24’ H x 12’ W x 12’ D
Steel, galvanized steel, epoxy, pigments, cement, bugles, fire brick, foam and fiberglass This piece invites one to consider the fusion of architecture and musical performance. A chimney is turned into a wind instrument, suggesting one could play or perform it. The cavity of a functional object (chimney) is considered for its sound producing qualities. In the same way, one could consider playing or performing a building by walking through it.

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~ OCs Ernestine and Hélène-Albertine Pirate AU • Soooo, I made a Pirate AU (Alternative Universe) two months ago about my OCs Hélène-Albertine Marraubin and Ernestine Blanchard from my ComicBook project “Mrs Marraubin” ♥ I put it on my Instagram account but never here… So, here we are ! *3* ♥