“Our time is running out
And our time is running out
You can’t push it underground
We can’t stop it screaming out “

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Lance / Pidge / Keith / Hunk / Shiro / Allura

when I think about Coran I get some feeling of nostalgia…like, I think time is an important part of this charactere, always speaking about “back in his time” (not like an old man who give you a lesson but more like when you remember the good times, like when you really get nostalgic about the past).

THE LITTLE MERMAID. Part of the Steampunk Fairytales project, that I would like to turn into an artbook someday. There I want to envision popular characters or scenes of the classic tales in steampunk fashion. Would you like to see more? :D


amaury guichon - The Nautilus!🐚🐙🍫100% Chocolate sculpture, step by step. #chocolate #deco #nautilus #patisserie #lasvegas #702pastrychef #pastrychef #pastry #pastyarts #clementdesignusa #pastrychefamauryguichon #jeanphilippepatisserie #steampunk #steampunktendencies #verne #julesverne #tentacles #cephalopods #cthulhu

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some people on twitter were saying they had no idea where to start with designing steampunk shit for their taz:nights designs, so i decided to do some research and make a little guide as a jumping off point. 

By no means a comprehensive guide, just a bunch of observations i’ve made on what i could find by digging around through google

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