Record "The Bifrost Incident"
Help storytelling space-pirate folk/prog-rock band The Mechanisms record their fourth studio album "The Bifrost Incident".

Stowaways! The Kickstarter for the studio recording of the Bifrost Incident is live!

Granted, it’s already hit the funding target… but there’s always more we can do, and there’s still time for you to get your hands on some of the delicious perks we’re offering this time round.

The Poems of Jamie Alex

I am, of course, a steam-punk princess,
In denim shorts and torn stockings and
Weird googles and armoured breastplate.
I stride. I am a girl’s bride. I science what
Women have always known. I live in a 
Waste land zone, and communicate only
Via an antique phone, which I drag behind
Me on a souped-up shopping cart. I am
Clockwork art. I boy the gay boys with my
Male stare. I board the zeppelin, as a stowaway.
I say what Babbage’s codes wanted to say.
I chase liars to the corners of the globe.
I vote for community and tea. I am flying over
A lava-sea. I press a button on my ancient
Watch, and thus I transform into anything you
Want. Look up my name in the vast list of 
Makers, kept in a library, somewhere elsewhere
In the medieval city of the dreamers and the 
Sweet. I wear your boots on my ballerina feet.
I treat all drawers to the waters of my well.
If you wish to kiss these purpled lips, you have
Only to find the six secret words, and you shall.

Starting to get back #sdcc photos, love this one from Friday! 💕

Photographer - @mstrartist
Model, Styling & MUAH - @amywilderness
Bra, Thong & Goggles - @thomaswilleford
Jacket -

#sandiegocomiccon2016 #sandiegocomiccon #sdcc2016 #girlsofcomiccon #boothbabe #cosplay #costume #steampunk #sexysteampunk #steampunkfashion #steampunkmodel #girlsofsteampunk #steamgirl #armandohhuerta #amydoesthings #amywilder (at San Diego Comic-Con International)

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Element X

This is one of my Tritium pieces.  Unlike traditional glow-in-the-dark Tritium requires no charging from another light source.  It glows continuously for up to 12 years.  It is a gas captured in a glass tube.  I put that tube into a second glass tube for safety and durability with a fine hand made copper spring so it can’t move within the outer tube.  It is sealed with internal rubber stoppers and vintage copper “acorn” end caps.  Small rod and ball head pin adds to the steampunk look. There are two gold tone brackets to hang the vial to the chain on the top and bottom.

I wanted this to look like a secret power source - a radioactive rod with containment field mechanism.  The top brass semicircle has a dial hand (it doesn’t more) and a silver tone pocketwatch wheel just poking up under it.  The bottom semicircle has a brass disk (from a vintage mainspring case) and watch cog. I’ve also added a small silver tone drop.


The whole pendant section is 3 ½ inches long and ¾ of an inch wide.

The copper tone rolo linked chain has a fixed drop length (from the pendant to the clasp) of 10 inches for a total circumference of just over 20 inches.  If you would like it at a different length, I’m happy to alter it for you.

Price: US$185

I use Paypal as it offers buyer and seller protections.  It will be sent using tracking and delivery confirmation.  Shipping is included.  I’m in Australia so allow 2 weeks for delivery to the US or Europe.

I’m happy to answer any questions.