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1) What is your favorite pun? 

I really can’t answer that there’s just so many

2) What fictional character would you want to be your husband/wife. (Pick only ONE) 

Peter Pan

3) Do you think ghosts exist?

 I think anything could exist

4) If you could kill anyone, who?

I wouldn’t really /want/ to kill anyone

5) Would you want to fly or be invisible? Why? 

I already am invisible so I will go with flying

6) What’s the biggest turnoff in a man/woman?

feet >.<

7) What qualities do you search for in friends?

Politeness o.o

8) What is the longest amount of time you have stayed awake? 

24 hours xD

9) Are you wearing pants at this current moment? 


10) How would you react to waking up as the opposite gender one day? 

I would look in a mirror and admire how sexy I am

11) If everything I say is a lie, am I telling the truth?

No cuz ur telling lies :I you’re just an avid LIAAARRRRR

Questions for you!

1) Do you even lift?