Flashback Friday!
(It was supposed to be Thowback Thursday but I fogot.. haha)

This is still one of my favourite pieces to date! I really need to get some photographs of it on dolls so I can properly document it!

Pieces like this can be commissioned and I make corsets as stand alone pieces, too!


Thank you to everyone for all the support these last few weeks!I’ve restocked some items and I’m trying to get some more restocked soon!
New items will be available in the New Year, and some different variations of existing items will be coming with the normal restocks.
Check out my shop for listings! 


I’m starting to get stock items up in my shop! Keep a watch over the next couple weeks while I upload everything. I still need to take some more photos for some of it, but I documented a bunch so I can hopefully move faster than usual with uploading ;)

I’m going to be making a fabric order soon too, so remember if you see anything in my shop that you’d liked in a different colour (and sometimes, size!) let me know and I can do a custom piece for you. <3