I’m starting to get stock items up in my shop! Keep a watch over the next couple weeks while I upload everything. I still need to take some more photos for some of it, but I documented a bunch so I can hopefully move faster than usual with uploading ;)

I’m going to be making a fabric order soon too, so remember if you see anything in my shop that you’d liked in a different colour (and sometimes, size!) let me know and I can do a custom piece for you. <3

I love when my ideas work!
I wanted something cute to display my clothes in at Doll North, but I needed to make sure it was easy to transport.

Voila! I’ve made a wardrobe out of a box that looks like a book. I’ll be bringing two of them with me, and I think they’re just adorable!

Not much for updates otherwise, sorry guys! I’m to the wire now and doing a TON of sewing for the con! Lots and lots of items, but I won’t be listing much, if anything, on etsy until I get back.

I’m hoping to get some square format postcards done up before I go too, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

I’ll try and photograph everything before I go though, and most items even if I sell out, I can make more! (in other sizes/colours etc, too!)