steaming streets


Meanwhile in Zaragoza, Spain


…concept design and production art for ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ (2004) - scripted and directed by Hayao Miyazaki, produced by Toshio Suzuki, animated by Studio Ghibli & distributed by Toho - based on British writer, Diana Wynne Jones’ novel of the same name…

Looking at the illustrations of Alistel and Granorg, I never quite realised just how different the two cities look. Granorg is so bright and orderly, something that might have been designed by some classical French architect. It really fits with how it’s a long-established country for which its ruling family is central.

In comparison, Alistel is a dark mess with pipes, steam and lots streets and buildings stacked on top of each other. Alistel is literally built on thaumatech and they basically just put everything wherever they could make it fit. It looks a bit like one might imagine industrial revolution England, a city that grew in a short time without much planning and nobody involved stopped to consider symmetry or parks and trees.