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Plain Wars ch 6

Now for our real conflict. The US Calvary.

As they rode through the gates of El Bosque Oscura’s home plot, Marianne and Bog noticed a line of horses and pristine young men dressed in sharp blue wool uniforms with the gold US Calvary along the necks. Bog and Marianne exchanged looks and dismounted.

No sooner than their feet hit the dusty ground than a man in even crisper wool emerged from the house, a steaming mad Griselda hot on his tell yelling at him and calling him every name under the sun. Mayor Fairchild was right behind and from the beet red of his face, he was in absolute agreement with Griselda.

“If you think you can just barge onto our property and tell us you can just forcibly take our guests you got another thing comin’, mister!” she shouted, “You try to show your ugly faces around here again and I’ll blow ‘em off with a shotgun!”

“Mother, what is going on here?” Bog asked.

“Are you the man of the house?” the apparent colonel, from the way he walked, asked addressing Bog.

“Aye,” Bog answered cautiously, always wary of lawmen.

“I am Colonel Fredrick Davies of the US Calvary Sixth Division.”

“Branson King,” Bog answered then turned to Marianne, “And this is my wife, Marianne.”

“Ma’am,” he said, “It has been a long ride we sure would appreciate something to drink.” The Colonel looked expectantly at Marianne.

The stubborn woman crossed her arms and in that moment of his pregnant wife being as stubborn as a mule, Bog couldn’t be prouder. “Mister, he said I was his wife, not a maidservant. If you’re thirsty there’s a water trough and a pump for you and your men. I figure you ought to know how to use one and if not it’s high time you learned.”

“Hmph,” the colonel snorted, “perhaps you should teach your wife to keep a more civil tongue in her head.”

“Are you here for a reason other than to see if I’ll shoot you,” Bog asked. “This is my ranch and I’ll run it how I see fit. Now what do you want?”

Colonel Davies coughed and started again, “Yes, well, be that as it may it has come to the US Calvary’s attention, sir, that there seem to be a tribe of Navajo’s on your land. It is our orders to gather them and take them to a reservation. Unless educated and hired by a white man.”

Bog could feel Marianne seething beside him. He had rubbed her, his mother, and even Marianne’s calm collected father the wrong way. Bog didn’t like him on that fact alone.

“Get off my land,” he snarled. The colonel stepped back a moment startled at his reaction. Bog stormed forward, “Those people are our guests and you will do nothing to harm them so long as they chose to stay on El Bosque Oscura Ranch.”

“Ahem,” Colonel Davies cleared his throat, “Sir, we are here to take the Navajo if they aren’t hired hands of yours.”

“They are people,” Bog roared. “You can’t just treat them like cattle!” Marianne smiled at his passion for these people. They were free. Freer than him. And he respected them for that freedom. He knew what it was like when it was threatened and he would fight for them.

“Now get. Off. My. Ranch,” he snarled, his brilliant blue eyes dark and icy. The colonel and his men couldn’t get mounted fast enough.

As they thundered off Colonel Davies looked over his shoulder and shouted through the dust, “We will be back to collect them!”

“You’ll be sorry!” Marianne shouted back.

As the dust cloud faded the family stormed back onto the porch. “Can you believe those, morons?” Griselda asked in her shrill voice.

“They will be back,” Mayor Fairchild said in a dark tone. Pare was standing at the door fists clenched in rage. It was then Marianne’s thoughts turned to her sister and her brother-in-law which, by all laws of the land, were illegally married, which none on the ranch could really understand.

“Where are Dawn and Sunny? Are they alright? What about Cyrus and Liane?” she asked.

“Easy, dear,” Mayor Fairchild said, laying a calming hand on her shoulder. Marianne flinched again at the pressure on the old wound. “Sorry, sweetie,” he said removing his hand.

“Sunny was out on the ranges today and Dawn had just put the twins down for a nap, taking one herself considering sleep is such a rare commodity to those two right now,” Griselda said. Marianne sighed and Bog smiled at her and Griselda caught that glint in his eye so much like his father’s had been when she had told him.

“Ooohhh!!!! You told him didn’t you, sweetie!” she screeched in octaves not meant to be heard by human ears.

“What news?” Mayor Fairchild asked looking from Griselda’s happy screeching to his eldest daughter.

“Griselda! Do you want to wake the twins and Dawn, and the dead for that matter?” Marianne hissed waving her hands at the older woman to quiet her. Once they had calmed the woman she turned to her father. “I want to wait and tell everyone at once so we can all get it over with at one time, alright?” she asked.

He nodded though curiosity was eating at him, “If you say so, my dear. When were you planning on revealing this news to us? You know I am headed home tomorrow.”

“Tonight? Dinner?” she asked raising an eyebrow and quirking a smile.

“Excellent,” he said. “Now you should go get cleaned up. You are covered in dust and sweat.” He made a face and Marianne chuckled. Her father may not have approved of her lifestyle after all the money he poured into her education but he knew she was as happy as she could be so he left it at that. She smiled as he kissed her forehead and went to draw a bath for herself.

She patted Pare’s shoulder as she passed, “Don’t worry. We won’t just let them waltz in here and take what they want. We are tougher than that.”

Pare nodded, “Thank you, Mrs. Marianne. We appreciate it.”

Well there we are. I am sorry. I have an issue with how the US Calvary did what they did and I have an issue with what they did. Its personal beliefs and, to me, they are asses. Anyway Enjoy.

About Greece’s current terrific Situation...

It’s hard to imagine this country that once ruled the world being down on its knees in the horrendous way it is. You will be waking up to hear of the banks being closed and withdrawals being limited to €60 per day. Now think of a family of four in steaming hot Athens with a precious Grandma and a pet dog and try and imagine the misery of this country at this moment.

What caused such a staggering default of this society and how could this affect us or, indeed, happen to us? Stock markets are already reacting to the news and expect a bumpy ride for the next few weeks until this gets addressed. The economy is no small cheese, 13th largest in the 28 member European Union and a significantly known and once respected country on the world stage, so this issue is a huge on for the world economy and cannot be ignored. Its economy is in tatters, unemployment through the roof, and its professional people haemorrhaging out at a pace that leaves those behind virtually nothing to plug the gap.

You could be forgiven to thinking that if the extremely wealthy Greeks the world over got involved in helping the country they love, then all could yet be well, after all this country has given birth to some of the richest people of all time and these dynasties live on. However it’s really not that easy. Throw in guilt, greed, pride, fear and the seasoning of panic and you begin to get a taste of a country in free fall.

For me the European Union or the IMF are not the long term answer. We are banker as well as friend meaning the relationship is always going to be rocky. No sooner had the Greeks last restructured their debt and returned to growth, than a default again followed. They are looking for write off and the world bankers have said enough is enough.

So how does Greece recover? It’s a tricky one. The country relies on its service industry which includes tourism and you have to ask how is this being affected with the constant run of bad news? Any of you who have been to Greece recently, and I have, will know that the infrastructure is on its knees. It’s clearly not going to get any better. Would you want to be on holiday there and be confident in a medical emergency say?

What this situation needs is Greek heroes to emerge, people who will dedicate their lives to turning this country around. Such people can then connect to the world economy and growth can yet again return. It needs someone to galvanise the Greek people the world over, and there are millions, to help the country they love get back up. However it’s a long road, and in a country full of complexity and a 20th century history of devastation and rebuild, the path to redemption needs delivery from a white knight pretty soon before tragedy pulls it down to levels of poverty that will shock every household in Britain.

Anthony Scott aka Smile like a Bunny © June 2 015

Check out this steaming eagle at Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska! Sometimes a good perch in the sun on a cold day can feel so good. Photo by Mark Thompson, National Park Service.

Guys, guys, GUYS!! you need to read this fic!!! what a beauty reading, like usual exaggeratedspecificity is simply a delight for your senses, thank you so much!!

Title: Forever, Texas
Author: gojyochan
Artist: bt_kady
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~23K
Warnings: angsty pining, past infidelity (not on one another), implied homophobia, anxiety/depression, topIjared, bottomIjensen

Prompt: Her Forever Cowboy: The minute he lays eyes on Forever’s new doctor, Brett Murphy knows the town—and he—won’t be the same. Alisha Cordell is raising the temperature of every male within miles. But the big-city blonde isn’t looking to put down roots. The saloon owner and rancher will just have to change the reticent lady doc’s mind. A week after she caught her fiancé cheating, Alisha was on a train headed for a Texas town that was barely a blip on the map. So she’s stunned at how fast the place is growing on her. That includes the sexy cowboy with the sassy smile and easy-going charm. Brett’s also been burned by love, but he’s eager for a second chance…with Alisha. Is she ready to make Brett—and Forever—part of her long-term plans? Forever, Texas. Where romance lasts a lifetime.

Summary: Doctor Jensen Ackles leaves Dallas to take over a practice in the sleepy town of Forever, Texas. He’s still recovering from a long-term relationship with a married co-worker that ended badly and is looking for a fresh start. When he meets gorgeous rancher Jared Padalecki, Jensen quickly finds that his chance at a clean slate might be in jeopardy. Jared isn’t sure what to make of Jensen or what he’s feeling for the handsome doctor and their complicated relationship gets off to very a rocky start. They say opposites attract but is it possible for both men to get over their personal hang ups and make things work?


«The kiss started out clumsy, messy, and rough, more teeth and force than lips and tongue. Jared’s mind was throbbing red, anger and passion mixing and making him dizzy with lust, frantic with need. Jared grabbed Jensen by the shoulders and dragged him up against his chest, Jensen yielded and let Jared take control of the kiss. He licked into Jensen’s mouth, tongue sweeping over Jensen’s and flicking up to tease the roof of his mouth. Jensen’s short beard was softer than expected as it rasped over Jared’s five o’clock shadow, a delicious contrast against the full, plush wetness of Jensen’s lips. » I was drooling over this scene SO MUCH hahahahaha


A winter trip to Yellowstone National Park might be described in one word: steamy. For 21 miles, the Firehole River collects runoff from erupting geysers and boiling hot springs, creating a ribbon of mist and hoar frost as the water begins its journey to the Missouri and beyond. Follow along all day as Yellowstone takes over Interior’s Instagram account, providing an inside look at the park during winter:

Photos by National Park Service.