I spent waaaaaaay too long on what was supposed to just be a quick reference picture of Steamhead. 

Steamhead was originally built to be, essentially, a babysitter and rental-attraction for Professor Tinker’s toystore. Over the years, children lost interest in him at younger and younger ages (as technology improved to where they had their gameboys and walkmans) so Tinker, being a member of the Cavalcadium, donated Steamhead to the Childcare department of the organization. Steamhead now spends his days caring for and teaching the children of the noted scientists, researchers, and engineers of the Cavalcadium. He’s best known for his affinity for even the grumpiest of children, and natural love for teaching, despite it not being programmed in.

He has two notable quirks: He cannot swear (not even euphemisms, like “heck” or “drat”) and his voice is remarkably high-pitched and silly, to appeal to children.