steamed greens

Such a delicious lunch after my workout today 😋😋 had a protein shake right afterwards then made this! Leftover tomato balsamic pasta salad with chopped basil, roasted brussel sprouts & broccoli (seasoned with garlic powder, cracked pepper, dried basil, and roasted together at 400 degrees for 10 minutes), and steamed green beans.

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“Pair of Planets”

I can’t say for sure, but I think the two brightest “stars” are the planets Venus and Uranus. The Brighter one is likely Venus.
They both look much bigger and brighter than usual because of moisture in the air creating a lensing effect.
I also did some light painting to show the steam coming off the lake.
I took this shot just before setting up the Northern Lights timelapse (see previous photos) you can see a little bit of the Aurora on the right near the horizon.


Tritium Power

Yes, another Tritium piece!  I like the look of exposed vintage screws (originally used in glasses) with the smallest hexagonal nuts I’ve ever seen.  The vial is wrapped in fine copper wire and sealed in a glass tube with vintage copper “acorn” end caps and tiny round finials. The curved vintage brass arms are secured to two gold tone brackets and secured with the screws.  The side pins have a tiny brass round “dangle” drop ball and are threaded with copper tubing and tri-ridged brass tube.  The brass knurled beads contain a tiny grub screw that secures it all.  

The Tritium tube will glow continuously for 12 to 15 years and doesn’t require “charging” like conventional glow in the dark.  It is currently used in high end watches, keyring fobs and military weapon sights.  


The whole pendant section is just under 2 inches wide and 2 inches long.  It is on a brass facet cut brass cable link chain.  It drop (from the clasp to the pendant is 9 inches including the lobster claw clasp.  It is designed to be worn high on the decolletage but I’m happy to alter it for you.

This piece transcends the steampunk genre and would be an intriguing, unique addition to costume or contemporary clothing.  It’s US$195 including tracking postage and would be covered under Paypal buyer protection.  Just send me a PM if you are interested.   


this is #real except dont use spinning face brushes at all even if they have a “soft” brush. Steaming is not /that/ bad if you dont do it every day. Personally i love the feeling of steaming and i may do a green tea steam once a week but the problem PC has with steaming is that it does support sebum production and can lead to breakouts… but i cant resist the glow and plump feeling it gives me. Also ppl will message me about this; witch hazel is on the list bc it can dry the skin out and thus irritate her too.

Sometimes you just have to use whatever’s left in the fridge so it doesn’t go to waste and this can lead to some random meals like this one / just a random bowl of healthy stuff ;) - chicken, boiled eggs, beetroots, steamed green beans, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, rocket and watercress (+ a mustard dressing). 

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How about Tim adapting from being the youngest to Damian's older brother?

This got a little out of hand… and it’s basically just Tim angsting over being a terrible brother and not knowing what he’s doing wrong. Hint: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but Timmy is nothing if not hard on himself. Anyway. Enjoy :)

He likes to think the whole process would be a lot easier if the brat wasn’t so annoying and obnoxious and rude and insufferable and-  and- Damian

Jason insisting on calling him “babybird” certainly doesn’t help though. How is he supposed to feel like an older brother when he’s still treated like a little kid? He’s seventeen, for god’s sake, eighteen in just a few months. He’s practically an adult.

(The real problem, he knows, deep down where he doesn’t have to think about his neglected childhood, is that growing up an only child never prepared him for how to deal with younger siblings. All his time that wasn’t spent alone was spend in the presence of people older than him; nannies, his parents, his parents’ friends, his parents’ business associates, teachers, tutors, classmates. Even when he became Robin, he was still the youngest.)

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Poached chicken, flavoured cauliflower ‘rice’ (basically grated cauliflower pan fried with Fry Light avocado oil spray, garlic powder, herbs and spices), steamed broccoli, green beans and gravy. 

This is what I had for dinner yesterday / another great healthy diet meal that only added up to about 315 calories, leaving plenty of room for a snack later. :p

One for you and one for me💫😛🌿 just kidding, in reality both are for me🙈 Winter warmer veggie-packed nourish bowls for dinner are the best after a freezing cold, rainy day ~ who agrees?🙏🏼
I filled mine with brown rice, steamed pak choy + green peas, purple cabbage, lettuce + cucumber and my favourite spicy lentil Dahl (recipe is in my Ebook✨), all topped with coriander + lemon. So simple, yet so good👌🏼👌🏼
What are you having tonight?

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