Hi guys, We know you’re all waiting for your rewards, I sincerly apologize for the delay but you diserve to know the reason is that we put all our efforts to make an outstanding pilot. Believe me, we all put our 100% in this thing, and my 200% of course. Everything will come along together, I ask you a lil’ bit more patience, you’ll not regret it :)


URBANCE The Official Pilot Episode

“ In the crumbling inner city, gender wars are rising. Sex is prohibited because of a genetic deadly virus affecting the entire population since birth. Ruled by hate and anger, young men and women grow up apart from each other, forming rival gangs. To calm down their frustrations, they all gather in an underground nightclub: URBANCE. A No Man’s Land where lost teenagers organize electrifying dance battles and drink illegal N-DORFIN, until the Mediators come in… ” -

Directed by joel dos reis viegas (steambot studio)

Animated in japan by yapiko animation.

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It’s official #Urbance has reached its goal!! We did it!! The neon rumble in the concrete jungle is going down!! You can’t stop this hype train!!! Let’s keep the ball rolling and shoot for some Badass stretch goals yeah?

Congratulations to joeldosreisviegas and Steambot Studios! Behind you all the way and wishing you all the success in the world! #Urbancer4life


The Urbance trailer is out, HD! The pilot is coming soon, make some noise!