steamboat minnie

alright but here’s how I imagine Mickey meeting Bendy:

•mickey is walking down the street one day, just enjoying himselfbwhen suddenly a huge screaming crowd is gathering around the theater

•mickey tries to get a closer look and sees a small like demon with a charming grin signing autographs

•mickey accidentally tumbles through the crowd and near the demon’s feet

•they make eye contact with each other and volia you got yourself two smitten gay toons™

•mickey apologizes at a rapid speed and the demon is blushing at his cuteness

•'the names Bendy. Bendy The Dancing Demon. And yours?’

•'my name is mouse mickey I mean mockey miuse wAIT I MEAN’

•bendy laughs in gay™ ‘calm down, mickey. now what’s a handsome mouse like you doing tonight?’

•Bendy invites Mickey to one of his shows and mickey wants to impress him, so after the show he lied about being a actor

•cue montage of mickey @ friends working on a show that will blow everyone’s socks off (and fangirling over bendy w/ Minnie)

•soon, ‘Steamboat Willie’ was made and bendy is shook with amazement

•bendy practicing with boris on asking out mickey

•bendy stuttering and blushing like a lunatic

•'bendy you’re my best friend but this is the 12th time you screwed up today’ 'bORIS SHUT IT IM PRATICING MY LINES’

•bendy and mickey go to a open dance party near the beach

•bendy getting drunk and announcing his love to mickey and kiss

•mickey comforting a babbling and sober bendy the next morning and comes out the same way

•now they are loving boyfriends who throw horrible puns at each other and cuddle


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This Day in Disney History

November 18, 1928:  Happy 86th Birthday, Mickey Mouse!  On this day, Mickey made his grand, official debut in Steamboat Willie.

Although Disney made two other cartoon shorts starring our favorite mouse, Plane Crazy and Gallopin’ Gaucho, this cartoon is still considered the first released Mickey Mouse cartoon as the first two never found a distributor.  Steamboat Willie also introduced us to Mickey’s love interest, Minnie Mouse!

Although there was no actual spoken dialogue, Walt Disney himself provided all the voices for the characters, mostly grunts, whistles, and laughter.  After nervously sitting in the back of Universal’s Colony Theater, Walt Disney was treated to the laughter of the guests in the theater, and from there, Mickey Mouse was welcomed into the hearts of the young and young at heart the world over.

Happy Birthday, Mickey!  It was all started by a mouse!