Sometimes I let the nerdiness take over for a little while and take some time to try and get my head around a few things, such as this…

That this quiet, unassuming character:

does this (among other things) for a living:

M'kay, trying again to bring the two together in my head here…


to this:

Hm… this is hard. Let me try another one.

This adorkable guy:

is also this dude:

Second try… this:

is this:

Hm, well, might as well move on.

So this winsome dude:

is also…

I need some sleep…

Maybe these will help:

Then again, maybe not…

I know, this one’s easy. These guys are themselves.

What a silly thing to be doing this late at night. Nerd signing off. Goodnight.

A couple of bonus ones for the road:

Ye gods, Bunny… (cooool…)

Just Need to Work Up a Head of Steam. . . .

Okay, Followers, seems my @officialrabbit react gifs are doing pretty well.. thanks @bunnybennett for letting the fan base make these :) <huggles… anyway I had previously posted that I will be making more.. but for some reason , I just can’t get into that mood… just sorta tired today …ANYWHOOOO!  I PROM<ISE to finish these and get them all posted in a Rabbit Mega Flood  < put the mop away , @officialhatchworth  .. not THAT sort of flood>  and all will be right with the universe!  no, Hatchy .. Don’t need towels either….  <hangs head and sighs> Robots.. yeesh.