steam powered giraffe


Some pictures from saturday because i got to meet Steam Powered Giraffe!
it was an amazing concert and i’m so glad i was able to go along with friends.
This band has been one close to me ever since i was like 13-ish and being able to just tell them how much they mean to me had me all anxious to the point i kinda missed and grabbed Bunny’s wrist when giving a handshake but it was joked off and just this whole experience has been the highlight of my weekend.
I hope to meet them all again another day.

Everybody listen up

Rabbit/Isabella from @officialsteampoweredgiraffe is beautiful
If anybody disagrees and or says she isn’t
Go choke
On nuts and bolts.

One of my favorite recurring fanons from the early SPG days is that The Spine and The Jon would generally be thrilled to find themselves suddenly human, but Rabbit’s reaction would be blind panic migrating to a terrible rage.


So I love themed food. Some of you may remember the Gravity Falls cupcakes I made for a finale party (*cue icing-drenched flashbacks* O-o)

Because I love milkshakes and because I love Rabbit, I made a milkshake inspired by Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe. She’s been oxidizing over the years, and turns out if you try to replicate that, you get this nebula design for ultimate whimsy

-chocolate syrup for the jar
-coffee ice cream for the base
-mint for the green layer
-topped with vanilla scoops
-drizzled with green sprinkles
-drops of blue food coloring along the edges to bleed down
-strawberries for ears🐰(I used whole strawberries but you could cut them in half to look more rabbit-like)

(creds for Rabbit photos are in the photos themselves)


some steam powered giraffe fanart! i always like,, knew that they existed, but i actually decided to like look into em and there whole thing a couple days ago and. i am in fucking love. like never have i seen a more endearing and charming group of people. in my entire life. there so fucking good. so yea! i decided i had to draw some fanart for em!