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The Boldt Castle Yacht House on Wellesley Island is a recommended tour (for an additional fee) during your visit to Boldt Castle. Visitors are invited to take the free shuttle boat from Heart Island for easy access to this imposing structure on the river’s edge. The Boldt’s family yachts and enormous houseboat were housed here in the slips 128 feet long. In this photo, you can see the antique steam yacht, The Kestral, on permanent display at The Boldt Castle Yacht House.  Alexandria Bay, New York.    


I’ve been a bit slow updating the blog lately - have been busy with the Classic & Wooden Boat Show here in Sydney (yes, my job sometimes involves things like dressing up in a 1920s swimsuit, robe and Ebena necklace for promotional purposes and the Festival’s “Swimswear through the ages” parade). My colleague here is wearing one of the Annette Kellerman labelled suits in my collection. We had such a blast - I brought out both swimsuits and 1930s beach pajamas for the 1920s - 30s sections of the parade. 

The gorgeous vessel in these photos is the Steam Yacht Ena, built 1900 and still breathtakingly beautiful.  


Early Morning At The Victorian Gothic Boat Houses On Lake Windermere.

National Trust Fell Foot, Cumbria, England   August 2015.

Built Mid 19th century by Colonel George Ridehalgh to house his steam-yachts: Britannia & the Fairy Queen.  Col. Ridehalgh was a founder member of the Royal Windermere Yacht Club.  This site (extending to 18 acres) now belongs to the National Trust.

Nikon D300 17-55 f2.8G   Shot at (top) 17mm f8 1/1000th sec (bottom) 17mm f10 1/800th sec