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“one of us has to get out of bed to make pancakes and it’s not going to be me ok just go and bring me nourishment”

for @cupcakecana bc 1) she is an actual cupcake and 2) she wanted happy things so here are happy things -3-

It is a vicious attack that wakes him. First a cold foot to his thigh, and then an unbearable weight on top of him. Natsu grunts into the mattress and drudgingly lifts his head to save himself from certain death by suffocation. 

“Food…” Lucy’s breath tickles his ear as she clutches at him like a spider monkey, her voice first thin and whiny and then suddenly rising to a volume that–in Natsu’s humble opinion–shakes the entire bed. “Natsu. Feed me.”

“Lu,” Natsu groans, still half asleep, “It’s the middle of the night. Lemme sleep.”

“Nuh uh.” She doesn’t say anything more, but she doesn’t have to. Because she bites into his earlobe instead. 

With a cry, Natsu shoots upright and pins her to the bed. She grins up at him sleepily, and he isn’t sure if he should chide or kiss her. But then her stomach rumbles, and she makes a very pitiful face, and Natsu knows his fate is sealed. No way he can refuse that

Lucy blinks up at him innocently. “Feed…us…”

“You sound like a monster,” Natsu informs her before releasing her arms and hopping off the bed. He receives a pillow to the head which he doesn’t bother blocking. Laughing to himself, he leaves the room. If he has to make pancakes, he’ll make sure they are enough to soothe his woman. A monster has nothing on her. Natsu grins. 

Natsu’s pancakes are messy and not very pretty, but they are always good. (“I cook with love,” he’ll say, “And love tastes best freestyle!” To which Lucy will always roll her eyes and point out he isn’t making any sense. He says he is.)

Lucy awaits him with outstretched arms, a big smile on her face. “That smells great. My saviour!” 

“I hope I get more than that title for this,” Lucy’s saviour says, wiggling his brows as he presents her with an entire stack of steaming pancakes. 

Lucy’s eyes glint with promise, but then she snorts. “You can have a pancake.”

“Did you say one?!” 

“Maybe two.”

“Didn’t you say ‘feed us’?” Eh?” He nudges her side as he slips back under the blanket and she places the plate between them. He enthusiastically grabs a pancake, but almost chokes on it when he sees the expression on her face.

“I didn’t mean you,” she tells him, suddenly quieter, and bites her lip. Half a pancake hangs out of his mouth as he scrunches his brows, slowly processing her words.

His eyes drop to her stomach. Then they grow wide. He lifts them back up to fix them on hers with a silent question.

“It certainly explains all the late night food cravings,” she mumbles with a small smile. 

Natsu doesn’t say anything. Slowly, he plucks the pancake from his chin and places it back on the plate. And even slower, pure joy creeps onto his face. 

“Another?” he asks, and Lucy can’t hold back a wide, teary smile as she nods, and keeps nodding. “We’re gonna have another baby!” 

Natsu isn’t sure what to do first, but his body is faster than his mind. He squeezes her against him, pressing kisses to her head, before releasing her with the widest grin possible. Almost ceremoniously, he takes the plate and offers it to her. 

“You can have them all,” he tells her very seriously, knowing by the twitch to her lips that she can barely hold back laughter.

“Why thank you,” she says with a bow of her head, pecking his cheek and then rolling up a pancake to heartily bite into it. Natsu watches her eat (and eat and eat), and when she is done, Lucy grins. “This one definitely has your appetite.” 

Morning Sunshine ~ Alyadrien Drabble

idk i decided to write at least one (1) thing everyday this month and there needs to be more alyadrien in this world so have a drabble thats probably a lil ooc but ive never written alya in a relationship so this was new!!! This is for the Rarepair Queen™ and light of my life @larvesta who deserves the world

i got distracted by these so it took like three hours to write this pls enjoy

“Morning, Sunshine.”

Alya awoke to a soft prodding at her shoulder and the smell of fresh pancakes. She cracked an eye open, watching Adrien slowly open their curtains with one hand, the other balancing a plate stacked with steaming pancakes. “Mm?”

Adrien turned, his smile bright and wide as he set the pancakes down on their bedside table. “Good morning, dear.”

Dear?” Alya snorted, rolling away from him and pressing her face into her pillow.

The mattress shifted as Adrien perched on the edge, his fingers skimming her exposed shoulder. “Yes, dear. Don’t like it?”

“It’s not…. disgusting.” Alya mumbled half-heartedly, her body still craving the sweet release of sleep.

“I can’t tell if that’s approval or a complaint.” he chuckled softly, a soft tickle touched her ear as he pressed his lips to it.

“It’s too early for kisses.” she pressed the heel of her palm against his face, pushing him away.

“Is it too early for pancakes?” his tone was teasing, as if he knew the mention of food would rouse her.

He was wrong.

“Come on, Al, I’m bored.” he leaned closer, his breath tickling her skin as he pressed a soft kiss to the space where her ear met her neck.

“You’re not bored, you just want kisses.” she finally fully opened her eyes and turned to him, catching green eyes framed by golden lashes.

He snorted, his lashes dipping as he pressed another kiss to her cheek. “Sue me. I want to kiss my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend doesn’t want kisses until she brushes her teeth.” her protests were empty. Adrien’s morning kisses were the only reason she bothered to open her eyes every morning.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t mind.” he murmured, his voice barely above a whisper.

She finally smiled, pressing an affectionate kiss to the corner of his lips.

He beamed at her, brighter than the sun shining through the gap in their curtains. “Have I ever told you you have the loveliest smile in Paris?”

“Shut up.” she kissed him before swinging her legs over the edge of bed.

Adrien swept her up before her feet could touch the ground, his lips against her forehead.

“What’s this for?” she tightened her grip on him.

“Floor’s cold? I like you extra when your hair’s all messy? You’re cute and also my girlfriend?” he rattled them off, his smile too wide for 9 in the morning.

She pressed a kiss to his cheek as he set her on their kitchen table. Alya watched gather his pancake ingredients, his job of waking her complete.

She sighed softly. “Pretty good way to wake up if I do say so myself.”

He winked at her.

writing properly? i dont know her

Nurseydex Week - Day 7 - Future Nurseydex

Call It What You Want

A nurseydex fic in 7 small parts, told over the 7 days of nurseydex week. This is the last one! Nurseydex week has been a blast, and I’ve loved seeing everyone’s fics - there are some mad talented writers in this fandom! Anyway, thanks for sticking around, and I hope you enjoy this final part.

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 |

Part 7 - Double Date

The air in Annie’s is warm and familiar, blanketing Will as he takes a sip of his coffee. He nestles the cup in his hand as he gazes out the window, watching as busy college students hurry to class. Across from him, Derek sits, perusing the menu.

“I can’t believe the menu’s still exactly the same,“ he chuckles, flipping it over in his hand.

“And you ordered the exact same thing you always got,” Will teases, a smirk on his lips, “from when we’d have our coffee dates here.”

“I wouldn’t call those dates, William,” Derek replies, rolling his eyes fondly, “we just argued the whole time about the news.” He brandishes the menu in his hand and aims it at William. “And you ordered the same thing you always ordered too, so don’t try and take the high ground here.”

Will grins, sinking back into the booth with a sigh. The scent of freshly brewed coffee, maple syrup, air freshener, and some other distinctly Annie’s smell that he can’t quite place, brings him back to his college days, only six years ago from now, but still so distant. From the absent expression in Derek’s eyes, he can tell that Derek’s being brought back too.

Not everything’s the same, though. The seat covers were replaced – once a bright, plastic red, now a faded blue. The scratch marks on the booths have been polished away, and the coffee is significantly better than the often too bitter or too milky concoction they’d consumed at Annie’s during their time at Samwell. Yet, despite the differences, it still feels like a second home.

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ok but while im here i might as well request something ahahah. what abotu a cute scenario with kuroo and tsukki where their s/o eats the guys' favorite food in front of them ? maybe because they had an argument and she's really childish or idek adn they like chase her around omg so cute aaahh

I feel like I maybe made this less fluffy by accident, but I hope you like it anyway. Thanks for your patience!

To any onlooker, they’re a perfect couple; hands clasped tightly in each other’s, shoulders leaning in and bumping in hidden multitudes, and their cheerful smiles beaming a sunflower aura around them.

Kuroo supposes, grudgingly, that you are perfect. But sometimes, like today, you’re just a little piece of shit, and the hidden smirk behind the twist of your hands drums in that fact. He settles opposite Akaashi at the open table, and sighs dramatically when he feels a wet spot blooming underneath his left thigh. Akaashi doesn’t even look up from his study of the menu.

“Someone spilled water there earlier.”

“Right,” Kuroo huffs, “perfect.”

He’s not desperate enough to trust you yet when you offer to mop some of it up for him with a tissue. Handing you a similar looking menu instead, your hands are happily too occupied to give him anymore grief, deserved or not. He spies Bokuto watching the two of you bemusedly out of the corner of his eye, and his bottom lip trembling at the effort to keep his mouth shut about it, and rolls his eyes. He’s surrounded by complete asshats.

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“Oh, don’t mind me. Just enjoying the view.” or “Well, well. My night just got better.” Both?

Good news is: I used both. Bad news is: I didn’t even get to the smut yet when this was supposed to be a nsfw prompt.

EDIT: Now with a title and fully edited and tagged, lmao

Too Tired For This Shit

Some (maybe one or two) of you might notice that Breme Mac Tir is my Warden. Yes, you’re right. But in her worldstate she will also be my Inquisitor and when I was figuring out who she’d romance (Cullen, of course, crossing my mind because I’m nothing if not predictable) I decided that Iron Bull would be an absolutely glorious contrast because Breme has a lil secret: she’s my asexual OC. Since exploring myself, I’ve explored a lot with Breme and now she’s very near and dear to my heart. :3

Words: 2,683 words

Rating: Teen and up

Warning: there’s a naked lady, not much else yet

Breme wanted a bath. Desperately. She’d thought of little else over the course of the long day. Ever since she rode back into Skyhold. Ever since she had been sidetracked and yanked in every which direction from the moment she dismounted. She could feel the grime grating against her skin underneath the armor, felt the grime as she wiped her face. Breme was miserable but she never had the time.

As she trudged away from the War Room late in the evening, she hardly had the energy to be excited over the prospect of bathing anymore. She’d have to climb to her quarters in the tallest tower. She’d have to ring for the staff. They’d have to move her tub from her closet, boil enough water for her, bring it back up to her, then—Flames! Maybe at this point, she should just towel the worst of the dirt off her skin with the little washbasin on her dresser. It would be faster albeit less satisfying. Then, at least, she could fall into bed and get a full night’s rest before the hectic day started all over again tomorrow. After the weeks of travel, sleep in a real bed sounded better than anything. If it was worth the trouble, she could always call for a bath on the morrow.

Breme had all but decided she was going to be lazy tonight after all, forgo comfort for sleep. It took all her concentration to not fall over as she climbed the steps. She was making the right choice.

She smelled it before her head cleared the railing—the springy scent of rosemary lingering with mint and sweet honeysuckle—and then spied the blessed sight over the rails. Her large claw-footed tub stood in the center of the room, filled with steaming water. A stack of fluffy white towels sat on her bed, a neatly folded note atop them. Beside it was her bath salts and a sponge, waiting for her to finally use them after what felt like forever.

Breme half ran to it and snatched the parchment up—who had done this? Was it the Iron Bull? Upon the paper was a slim, elegant script that was definitely not her lover’s looping scrawl. After trading letters for ten years, she knew it all too well.

               You deserve this, my dear. Enjoy.

Laying the note aside, Breme chewed her lip, a wave of guilt washing over her. Her father was many despicable things, but he seemed to always be there when she needed him most. Loghain must have been listening to her griping all the way to Skyhold. He must have found some way to coordinate with her advisors so the water would still be hot when she returned from their meeting. He went out of his way to do a sweet thing for her…Maybe she was too hard on him. She made a sheepish mental note to thank Loghain later and try to be kinder to him while he stayed with her.

But, Maker’s breath, he was right. She did deserve this. She stripped without another thought and threw her soiled riding clothes in a frumpy pile on the floor.

Breme poured her salts and oils into the still steaming water and when she reached an arm in to stir it, she shivered, a small moan escaping her. This would feel Maker sent. She eased one leg in and then another, grinning as gooseflesh rose across her skin. It was blessedly hot and soothing and Breme wished to savor each delicious moment.

Until the blasted bedroom door opened and closed with a hard snap.

Breme froze, eyes darting to the towels she’d left five feet away on the fucking bed, much too far out of her reach. Why hadn’t she grabbed one to keep near her? Stupid!

And who the fuck was coming after her now?!

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Malec fic: The Break of Day

Alec awakens to the soft caress of the warm morning sunlight, a gentle breeze flickering through the curtains, and the murmurings of a city just coming to life. It’s strange; he usually wakes in the still-chilled dark, pushing his protesting body from bed to get a jump-start on the day, after a too-late night. Alec stretches his arms above his head, pulls his legs out long to the very edge of the bed but not over it like usual, with his feet dangling in the cold air. He remembers then that he’s not in his own bed. Not in his room at the Institute with scratchy sheets and cold rooms and a bed a few inches shy of accommodating his full height. He’s at Magnus’s.

A contented hum rumbles Alec’s chest, and he turns, curling on his side so his nose rests at the nape of Magnus’s neck. He breathes in. Magnus stirs. They don’t have anywhere to be right away, a miracle, really. If Alec lets them in there will be flood of thoughts about things he needs to do, missions to complete, meetings and briefings he should attend, people he needs to help—

Right now, he doesn’t need to be anywhere but in this bed, with Magnus. 

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Kevin Frayer’s photographs of illegal Chinese steel factories look like postcards from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Thick smoke spews out of tall stacks, steam rises from vast pits, and molten steel flows across the ground like lava. All around, men toil without even basic protective gear.  “It was like stepping back in time,” says Frayer, who spent four days at two steel factories in Inner Mongolia in early November. “The way of working seemed unchanged and unaffected by technology.”

SEE MORE: Step inside China’s hellish, illicit steel factories.

AN: YAY SECOND PART OF “SLIPPED THROUGH”! I was already planning on doing a second one for this, and I was so happy to see that an anon requested it! *The gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore all spelling errors!

( Part One )

Pairing: Steve X Reader


Recap: Your (reader) hometown got worldwide headlines when it was discovered to be a safe haven for mutants in hiding. HYRDA attacked your town to round up the mutants and use them for experiments, but the Avengers came to save the day. During the fighting, you were captured and used as a blackmail piece to get the Avengers to leave. Come to find out, you too were a mutant (though you did not know it) and that helped save your life. Steve offered you a place amongst the Avengers once they had won the battle with your help. 


“Slipped Through” (Part Two)

“Let’s see what you can do, okay?”

You swallowed nervously at Steve and began to follow him to the training area. You made sure not to loose sight of him, the whole lay out of the tower was new to you.

Your three siblings (to whom Tony Stark had agreed to let come with you to New York and live in the tower) were content with letting the other teammates watch over them as you went to train, which relieved you. You had thought that they were going to get more attached to you, especially after losing their home and their parents. Surprisingly, they learned to branch out and meet other people, like the rest of the Avengers. But, it was clear that they liked Steve the most.

You followed the Captain through the twisting and confusing maze of hallways and up a set of stairs before coming to a rather large training room.

Steve opened it and held the door open for you.

“Thank you.” You mumbled awkwardly as you stepped into the room with matted floors and walls.

Steve slipped off his shoes and set them next to the door and you did the same. You tried not to look at his tight-fitting white shirt, or strong muscled arms, but it was a struggle. Every time he shifted (even if it was just to put his shoes on the floor) you could see his muscles move under the fabric of his shirt.

Steve made his way to the center of the room and tied the thin cord of his sweatpants tight, then clapped his hands together t signal that he was ready to begin.

“Okay, let’s start simple and see what you can do.” Steve said. “You ready?”

You wiped your sweaty palms on your black sweatpants and took in a deep breath. “As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”

“Alright.” Steve said, beginning to walk towards a small cart in the corner of the room. He reached into the cart and pulled something out, but you couldn’t see what it was around his large frame.

“Think fast!”

Suddenly, a tennis ball was flying through the air and straight at your face. Instinctively, you raised your hands in front of your face and you screwed your eyes shut.

After only one or two seconds, you heard the ball hit the wall behind you with a rather forceful ’thump’.

“Did it…did I…?” You began to ask, but you weren’t sure exactly how to phrase it.

“Yes, which was exactly what I had expected to happen.” Steve said, pulling out a few more tennis balls and carrying them over to where you were. “It passed right through you.”

“You see, I think that your powers just naturally occur when you are in danger, or when you think you are in danger.” Steve explained, indicating that he clearly had thought of this for a while. “But, sometimes you can’t stop them once they started, at least not easily.”

“So?” You asked. “What does that mean?”

“It means that even though your body has a great ability to protect itself with, it doesn’t always know when to shut it off.”

“So how do I fix that?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out, Y/N.” Steve said with a grin.

Steve tossed one ball up and down in his hands while he looked at you, deep in thought. You felt a small blush creeping up your neck.

“Okay, so here is what I want you to do.” Steve said. "I am going to throw this ball gently, and I want you to catch it. Just focus all of your energy on your hands and will them to be solid again, and it should work.“

You nodded and held out your hands, ready for him to throw. You did what he told you and focused all of your attention onto your hands and willed them to be solid once more, though it began to drain your overall energy.

"Remember, focus on your hands.” Steve said as he looked at you carefully with his brilliantly colored eyes.

You bit your lip nervously as he threw it.

Focus on your hands! You shouted at yourself.

And you did just that, you did it too well. The next thing you knew, your entire body slipped through the floor and into the floor beneath you, yet you abruptly were stopped from hitting the ground, for your hands were still on the floor above you, solid as can be.

“Oh, my god!” You shouted and began to swing your legs frantically, nearly nailing Natasha in the face beneath you. “Help!”

Strong, firm hands grabbed your solid hands and pulled you up through the ceiling and back into the training room.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Steve asked, his eyes wide open in fear that you had been hurt.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” You mumbled as you wiggled your fingers. You spread you energy out all over your body again, which was enough to keep you on the floor you were currently in but not enough to make you fully solid. 

You were beyond embarrassed, and by now your face was tomato red.

“Y/N?” Steve asked softly, clearly unsure of how to approach the topic. “Are you solid, or still…translucent?”

You felt your skin flickering back and forth, as if your body was unsure itself. Your skin began to sting and you could feel your powers being switched back and forth frantically. Painfully, even.

“Steve.” You said in a short, blunt whisper.

You tried to rub you arms for comfort, but your right hand went right through your left arm. And when you went to pull it out, it was stuck. It was solid again.

“Steve!” You shouted in panic.

Steve was at your side quickly assessing the situation, you could see the gears turning in his head.

“Y/N, I need you to look at me.” You looked up at him briefly, but them averted your eyes back to your arm. “No, Y/N, look at me.”

You did as you were told and looked in his eyes.

“It is going to be okay, you just need to calm down.” He pointed to your arm. “I want you to channel a good portion–but not all– of your energy to your right hand and make it phase out of your arm.”

You shook your head, “I can’t do it, Steve. I’m trying!”

Steve sighed, “If that’s now working, let’s try something else.”

You felt tears fall down your face and hit the gym floor. “I’m so scared, my powers are so unpredictable.”

“I know. Now, close your eyes, I want to try something.”

You shut your eyes lightly and took in deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down. You had no idea what Steve had in mind, but you sure hoped that it worked.

You felt two hands grip the sides of your head softly, as if they were testing to see if you were solid or not. After a small moment of no movement, you felt Steve press his lips to your forehead with a little more pressure than his hands.

Your heart did small flips in your chest and you felt your body naturally step towards his, your head tilting up so that it was pressing further into his lips.

The sensations of his lips against your skin made you forget about your arm, and without thinking about it, your hand phased out of your arm and reached up to hold his wrists gently.

He pulled away from you and smiled. “See? You’re okay, everything is okay.”

He was so close to your, you could feel his minty breath fan across your face. After taking a moment to recognize how perfect of an opportunity it was, Steve leaned into you once more, this lip his target was your lips. Just as they were about to meet, you shook your head. “What if…you get, you know, stuck?”

“I won’t, I have faith in you.” He closed the distance between the two of you, and suddenly, you felt completely whole.

~*~*~*~*~ A Year Later ~*~*~*~*~

“Gross!” Susie groaned, covering her eyes with her small yet growing hands. “Steve, stop eating my sister’s face!”

Steve let out a low chuckle as he pulled away from your lips and focused his attention back to his coffee.

It was mornings like this that you had come to love the most; the kids running around, your teammates just getting up and eating breakfast, and Steve at your side.

“Ooh, is that a pancake in your hands?” You heard Natasha say to Will, who was currently stuffing his face with them.

“Sissy made them!” He said through a mouthful. “I think she has more, too.”

You grabbed a plate and put the steaming hot stack onto them, then walked through (yes, through) the island counter to give them to Natasha.

“Thank you, Y/N!” She said with a grin, already rolling some up and eating it with her fingers.

You noticed Steve watching you through his eyelashes as he sipped his coffee, so you just stood in the middle of the counter island and crossed your arms over your chest. “What?”

“Nothing’s wrong, dear.” Steve chuckled as he set his mug down. “It’s just that you have come so far from when we had just started training, and it’s only been a year.”

You smiled at him and moved out of the counter. You went up behind him and wrapped your arms around him, he reached up and twined his fingers in yours.

“Well,” You said with a smile. “ I did have a great trainer.”

You kissed his temple and he smiled blissfully. “I love you, Y/N.”

He turned his face to you and kissed your lips softly.

“I love you too, Steve.”

“Again, gross!” You heard Susie squeal from behind you.

“I think it’s kinda cute….” Will muttered. “I mean, when I grow up I want to have a relationship like that.”

Steve pulled away from you and ruffled Will’s hair. “Thanks, little man.”

Will was the quietest of the three siblings, yet he took a strange liking to Steve, which warmed your heart. There were times where Will would be upset and he would curl up on Steve’s lap and tell him what’s wrong, and Steve always listened to him and never refused to hold him as he cried.

Susie and Tommy (the two older of your younger siblings) also liked Steve, but didn’t seem to open up to him quite as much as Will had.

It was like the Avengers had taken up the empty space that appeared when your parents died, and the siblings seemed to be starting to move on as well.

Your siblings, your new home, Steve–you wouldn’t give it up for the world.

((A little more fluff than the first one, but I am happy with it! I hope you liked it!))

“Walking into the city, you found narrow alleys between the buildings with dripping pipes overhead, discharge flowing in gutters, people stripped to the waist in their underwear working in tiny factories, the sound of metal pounding metal, butchered animals, unlicensed dentists, a two-man rubber plunger factory, carts stacked with steaming food, everything mixed together. It felt unreal (especially in the early days), and yet totally normal to everyone living and working there.” —Photographer Greg Girard, on life inside the City of Darkness

i imagine there being some bots who’d add a mod that allows their fans to push out smoke of some sort, to make it look like they’re running hot, but it’s more than just that like

Different coloured smoke pushed out, and imagine this smoke twirling around you when you’re dancing with someone, and having the light around you essentially long-exposure capturing your movements using the smoke, 

Artificial black smoke to confuse the enemy into thinking you’re running hot and vitally damaged, which will make some of them not give their all into attacking you. Little do they know that you’re fully functional and ready to kick aft.

When you’re in a bar, a little trail of smoke signals what you’re looking for tonight. Wanting to dance with someone? Glittery purple smoke. Just here for a drink and a good chat? Blue. Looking to meet someone for more? Pink. just wanna be left alone in ur stool to die? Leave Me Alone red smoke.

also good for magical girl transformations. but imagine transforming and you’re spouting out stacks of steam. bruh. //fans self

ᵇᵘᵗ ᵃᶫˢᵒ ᶦᵗˢ ᶫᶦᵏᵉ ʷᵉ ᵍᵉᵗ ᶦᵗ, ʸᵒᵘ ᵛᵃᵖᵉ

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Prompt idea- an "I love you" for the first time slightly out of the blue.

Enjoy, love! 


“Let me get this straight: You cut the cheese in front of Peeta and, instead of being absolutely horrified, he says he loves you?”

Katniss nodded frantically, her grey eyes filling. “I mean, who does that?”

Sometimes the right words come at the wrong moment. Modern AU. Fluff with some flatulence-related humor.


There were few things in life that Johanna Mason enjoyed.

She worked long hours at a law firm as a paralegal, where her only duties were making coffee and scheduling appointments for her boss, Alma Snow, one of the top legal minds in Panem. She had very little money to her name, so she shared an apartment with her younger cousin. She was single; her last major relationship being five years ago and her last tryst six months ago.

The one thing she had was china painting.

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“Fire Power”
Since I like the digitally mirrored version a lot more than the original time stack, I decided not to upload the time stack itself. (Just take half of this image and you got all the interesting bits of the time stack anyway, as it was simply cropped and mirrored once)
The time stack was made from 569 photos, all merged into one image using the lighten layer-blending mode in photoshop, automated with this script, advanced

seven locations on a ghost hunt

a motel, a blue painted sign with peeling black letters and a pine-tree pattern on the wallpaper, the sheets smell like cigarettes and the bathroom smells like whiskey and vomit.

a grey-white church, stained-glass windows and a double-bent priest with bad advice; a bell tower touching an iron-colored sky shot with rust-red sunset lights, purple-white lightning illuminating the towering storm that approaches from the south.

a local library, 27 books on mythology and 17 on abraham lincoln, all covered in an inch-deep layer of dust, and a college girl dean flirts with so he can check out the books without a library card. 

a rest stop outside town, across the road from a mcdonalds, there’s always a mcdonalds no matter where they go, and the only words ever said at the rest stop are accusations and angry apologies between two brothers on an endless road trip.

a diner where the old folks trade gossip and a couple boys circle obituaries in the state paper in red pen, a waitress in a red miniskirt brings the coffee and the steaming bacon and a stack of buttermilk pancakes. 

a yellow brick house, red shingled roof, smelling faintly of mothballs and cats, the woman who lives there hasn’t left in 17 years. there are porcelain lions and elephants behind glass in a dark wood case, and she offers tea. the tea tastes like vodka and sand.

a graveyard in the middle of a field. the blue, pink, and yellow wildflowers stop growing 30 feet from the edge of the hallowed ground. stepping between the stones, there’s a rising miasma. perhaps a corpse wasn’t buried all the way down, and a limp hand is sprouting from the earth like a bloody blossom. its icy cold here even in midsummer