steam stack


Kevin Frayer’s photographs of illegal Chinese steel factories look like postcards from the dawn of the Industrial Revolution. Thick smoke spews out of tall stacks, steam rises from vast pits, and molten steel flows across the ground like lava. All around, men toil without even basic protective gear.  “It was like stepping back in time,” says Frayer, who spent four days at two steel factories in Inner Mongolia in early November. “The way of working seemed unchanged and unaffected by technology.”

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Morning Sunshine ~ Alyadrien Drabble

idk i decided to write at least one (1) thing everyday this month and there needs to be more alyadrien in this world so have a drabble thats probably a lil ooc but ive never written alya in a relationship so this was new!!! This is for the Rarepair Queen™ and light of my life @larvesta who deserves the world

i got distracted by these so it took like three hours to write this pls enjoy

“Morning, Sunshine.”

Alya awoke to a soft prodding at her shoulder and the smell of fresh pancakes. She cracked an eye open, watching Adrien slowly open their curtains with one hand, the other balancing a plate stacked with steaming pancakes. “Mm?”

Adrien turned, his smile bright and wide as he set the pancakes down on their bedside table. “Good morning, dear.”

Dear?” Alya snorted, rolling away from him and pressing her face into her pillow.

The mattress shifted as Adrien perched on the edge, his fingers skimming her exposed shoulder. “Yes, dear. Don’t like it?”

“It’s not…. disgusting.” Alya mumbled half-heartedly, her body still craving the sweet release of sleep.

“I can’t tell if that’s approval or a complaint.” he chuckled softly, a soft tickle touched her ear as he pressed his lips to it.

“It’s too early for kisses.” she pressed the heel of her palm against his face, pushing him away.

“Is it too early for pancakes?” his tone was teasing, as if he knew the mention of food would rouse her.

He was wrong.

“Come on, Al, I’m bored.” he leaned closer, his breath tickling her skin as he pressed a soft kiss to the space where her ear met her neck.

“You’re not bored, you just want kisses.” she finally fully opened her eyes and turned to him, catching green eyes framed by golden lashes.

He snorted, his lashes dipping as he pressed another kiss to her cheek. “Sue me. I want to kiss my girlfriend.”

“Your girlfriend doesn’t want kisses until she brushes her teeth.” her protests were empty. Adrien’s morning kisses were the only reason she bothered to open her eyes every morning.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t mind.” he murmured, his voice barely above a whisper.

She finally smiled, pressing an affectionate kiss to the corner of his lips.

He beamed at her, brighter than the sun shining through the gap in their curtains. “Have I ever told you you have the loveliest smile in Paris?”

“Shut up.” she kissed him before swinging her legs over the edge of bed.

Adrien swept her up before her feet could touch the ground, his lips against her forehead.

“What’s this for?” she tightened her grip on him.

“Floor’s cold? I like you extra when your hair’s all messy? You’re cute and also my girlfriend?” he rattled them off, his smile too wide for 9 in the morning.

She pressed a kiss to his cheek as he set her on their kitchen table. Alya watched gather his pancake ingredients, his job of waking her complete.

She sighed softly. “Pretty good way to wake up if I do say so myself.”

He winked at her.

writing properly? i dont know her

“Fire Power”
Since I like the digitally mirrored version a lot more than the original time stack, I decided not to upload the time stack itself. (Just take half of this image and you got all the interesting bits of the time stack anyway, as it was simply cropped and mirrored once)
The time stack was made from 569 photos, all merged into one image using the lighten layer-blending mode in photoshop, automated with this script, advanced