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so everyone has these cute stories of the first time they met their internet friends in person, right? cause when i met mine i thought i too would have a good one to tell. but when i hugged her goodbye after spending a weekend at a convention with her i started crying and quickly turned around so she couldn’t see, and as i started walking away fucking ALL STAR starts playing perfectly in time with my steps. so here i am, steaming tears rolling down my ugly face as i swing down the steps to the beat of somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me like some kind of fucked up music video and ive never been the same since

Why Victor kissing Yuuris skate is the best Fuck you ever

The entire time Yuuri has been in Russia he’s mainly been ignored and snubbed by other skaters and the media.

Everyone wants to interview Victor on when hes coming back to skating , and whether he considers Yuuri competition or not. (no mention of that kiss they shared at the last competition or romance or anything no surprise -_-)

His fellow skaters (minus Yurio) ignore him as well , J.J steam rolls by him to make a sly cutting mark at Victor as if he wasnt there.

And then to add insult to injury, when it is Yuuri’s turn to skate his program, ….. the crowd starts chanting Victors name. They dont care about Yuuri , he is only seen as a vessel , Victors protege , nothing more.

and after Yuuri in response gets aggressive and intimidates the crowd with his Eros routine in a “See i’m worthy of this man’ way , and Yuuri’s personal best score is announced we get this scene above.

A scene of Worship. A scene where Victor acknowledges in front of his home country that no matter how they try to snub Yuuri , in Victors eyes he’s worth his attention , the praise  , the love his country refuses to see is there.

and thats such a big fuck you , I love it.

GOT7 Get It Done

Even with more veteran acts in attendance, the septet GOT7 closed down KCON, bringing singles like “Never Ever” and “Hard Carry” to an extremely enthusiastic audience that continued to scream its loudest even at the tail end of the three-day affair. Despite near-deafening roars, GOT7 member Jackson humbly told the audience, “Some people don’t know who we are” and made sure that each member got to individually greet the audience. Five years after the monster that was “Gangnam Style,” KCON 2017 Los Angles proved that K-pop is still picking up steam.

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Tony stans keep whining about how the Avengers, from Steve to Thor, mistreat and abuse their helpless victim of a fave. Where are they getting this from?? Because from what I’ve seen Tony is exactly as (or way more) nasty to the team as they apparently are to him -

Worst thing Steve has said to Tony - I know men with none of your resources who’re ten times better than you.

Worst thing Tony has said to Steve - I think it’s really funny how you were forced to commit suicide and froze to death. And also maybe you should never have been rescued from that ice coma you were in.

Worst thing Steve has done to Tony - Didn’t tell him that though he had no actual proof of it, Zola had once, for 0.2 seconds maybe kind of insinuated that 25 years ago, while Steve was in the ice, Hydra might have killed Tony’s parents.

Worst thing Tony has done to Steve - On finding out that Hydra used Steve’s brainwashed best friend to kill his parents 25 years ago, he straight up tried to murder the friend. Tony knew the guy was innocent but refused to stop his murder rampage. He also tried to beat the shit out of Steve when Steve objected to this. 

Worst thing Thor has done to Tony - Picked him up by his neck and then dropped him back on the ground without hurting him when Tony broke his promise to Thor and fucked with a sceptre that had already caused Thor a lot of grief and trouble.

Worst thing Tony has done to Thor - Promised Thor that he wouldn’t fuck around with the sceptre just to get Thor’s permission to study it. Then fucked around with the sceptre and created a murder bot. Murder bot then ran off with the sceptre. Tony refused to show any repentance for fucking around or breaking his promise. Instead he berated Thor for not getting why an AI earth monitor would be a good idea.

Worst thing Natasha has done to Tony - infiltrated his company to evaluate him for an initiative as part of her job and, in her unbiased professional opinion, found him wanting.

Worst thing Tony has done to Natasha - Implied she couldn’t be anything but a two faced traitor. Because she dared to let go of her ego and trust their friends enough to believe them when they said there was a bigger threat they needed to get to.

Worst thing Clint has done to Tony - Called Tony a back-stabber. While this was undoubtedly a cruel jibe in light of what happened to Rhodey, it was said in reaction to the worst thing Tony has done to him, and carried no real consequence to anyone. Unlike what Tony did to Clint (see below).  

Worst thing Tony has done to Clint - disclosed the existence of Clint’s family (that Clint had gone to great lengths to protect by keeping secret) to Ross and his lackeys because he was feeling butthurt. Then left Clint to rot in illegal detention for attempting to commit a crime that Tony went on to successfully commit. After Tony had played a major part in Clint ending up in illegal detention to begin with.

Worst thing Bruce has done to Tony - Literally nothing.

Worst thing Tony has done to Bruce - Persuaded Bruce to help him fuck with the sceptre and create an AI world monitor. Steam rolled over Bruce’s reservations and concerns. When this inevitably went south and Bruce, who was struggling with enough guilt as it was, tried to acknowledge that they had fucked up and created a ‘murder bot’, turned on Bruce and called him a coward. 

Bend Over My Lap A.I

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warning: smut

word count: 1600+

summary: dominant!ashton - y/n cheats on ashton because she’s unsatisfied but he proves her wrong

requested?: yes, hope you liked it anon!! this is written by Hannah whoop whoop. Keep your eyes pealed for me and Hannah’s secret project, details will be coming in the near future so keep your snacks on the ready!

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“What do you mean?” Ashton asked me and I saw his face start to quiver. 

“I slept with another man.” I looked down, trying to avoid his burning gaze. 

“You slept with another man?” He repeated in disbelief and I nodded my head. I looked up and could see the hurt in his eyes before he broke eye contact and looked at the ground. His expression was grim before he turned around and stalked to the kitchen sink, dropping his fork into the sink of soapy water.

I could see his arms clench as he gripped onto the counter and he slumped his head down, making my heart drop. How could I do this to the man I love? Yes, I had been unhappy and unsatisfied, but that gave me no reason to do what I did. I had no excuses.

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Okay but now i'm really gonna need the story of you summoning, meeting and befriending Satan when you reach the optimal follower count. Pretty please with Jenny on top!?!?

IT’S TIME (I’ve literally been waiting for this moment for a week)

The coffee shop is nearly empty, patrons heading home to dinner and family and sleep. The parking lot outside is quiet and dark, cars silently gliding towards the road, sweeping their headlights briefly over the store front before sliding away. The baristas are more often in the break room than behind the counter, scheduling next week’s shifts and discussing how exactly they’re going to distribute the closing tasks today. They know that the customers who are left are fine, fresh refills in their cups and the knowledge that another is but a holler away.

The author has been observing the slow trickle of people for a while now, casually flipping between the novel she’s supposed to be writing, a bullet point list of interesting facial features, and a crockpot recipe she’s trying to convince herself she really wants to try.

(She does not know why she think she should enjoy crockpot shepherd’s pie. She just knows that she should enjoy it.)

She is one of three customers left in the store. There is a man she’s affectionately named “The Wizard” for his tendency to drape his coat over his shoulders like a cape. He is huddled over his tablet and might be near tears as he scribbles something out. The other customer is a woman the author knows quite well, but will not acknowledge. It is not because of her needle-like teeth or the script written carefully across her shirt or even because of the off-putting cackle the woman seems fond of.

It is because there is some trouble the author knows she should not engage.

So she ignores the woman-who-will-not-be-named and focuses on her computer.

It’s as she’s typing out “charming slouch, neck extended, a home out of his spine” and “add twice amount of onion” that she gets the notification.

The notification.

“Oh fuck,” says the author. She has not prepared for this at all. (This is pretending that she would have prepared for it with prior warning.)

(She would not have.)

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Unbreakable (Part 3)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Finally! This part took me so long to write… I’m so happy I finally managed to get it done! I hope you guys are still enjoying this, because I know I am! Let me know what you think!

Still slumped on the hard floor of the roof, Bucky let the sounds of the busy city below wash over him. He had no idea how he would even begin to earn your forgiveness; he wasn’t even sure he deserved it, but he was going to damn well try. Letting his head fall back against the wall, a shaky breath left his lips, the images of your past flickering in his vision. He couldn’t get the look of fear on your face out of his mind, both the one of the young child, and the one he had caused mere hours ago. The suffocating guilt quickly became too much, forcing him off the ground and out of the building.

Walking aimlessly through the bustling city, Bucky fumbled in his pockets for the familiar rectangular object he always went for when he was stressed out. Placing the cigarette between his lips, he flipped open his lighter, cupping his hand around the flame as he lit it. Taking in a deep breath, Bucky let the smoke billow out of his mouth.

He knew he’d fucked up. He’d let his pride and ego guide his actions, all because he couldn’t admit to anyone but himself how he truly felt. Bucky had fallen for you the moment he’d met you. He’d fallen for your razor-sharp wit and the way your smile could light up any room you entered, but most of all, he’d fallen for the way that you treated him just like anyone else. You were the only person he’d met in a long time that didn’t look at him with either pity or fear, and that meant the absolute world to him.

“You know, smoking kills.” The familiar deep drawl of Natasha’s voice crooned from the alleyway Bucky had been walking past.

“Doubt this’ll be what kills me…” he muttered in response, stopping in his tracks to face the red-head. “What are you doing here, Romanoff?”

“Could ask you the same thing Barnes.” she said, smirking at his confused expression, “Why did you leave the tower in such a hurry? Running away from your problems?”

“Not this time…” he said, running a hand through his tousled hair.

“Good. So, what are you doing wandering through New York in the middle of the night?” Natasha asked, kicking off the wall she’d been leaning against.

“Getting some air.” Bucky said with a sigh, “I know I have to fix this, I just don’t know how.”

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.


Sliding down your bedroom door, you brought your hands up to your face, finally let out the sob you’d been holding in all night. After the events at the pool, then your nightmare, and finally your run-in with Bucky, you were exhausted: mentally, physically, completely. Letting the tears run freely down your cheeks, you couldn’t control the flames that began to curl around your body. In your unstable condition, you could quickly feel the fire getting out of control, licking up the walls and along the floorboards.

The sound of the tower’s fire alarms going off rang through the room, the sprinklers being activated shortly afterwards. Yet even the new-and-improved Stark sprinkler system couldn’t put out the flames that were beginning to engulf the room. As the fire grew, your tears fell at an even faster rate, fear fuelling the raging inferno.

What if you hurt someone? If you couldn’t control the fire then no one could. You didn’t want your friends or the innocent people in the tower to be hurt, or worse, killed, just because you were having a mental breakdown. Suddenly, a loud banging on your bedroom door caused your head to snap up.

“Y/N?” Steve’s voice travelled through the reinforced door, followed by the sound of him coughing and wheezing. “Y/N? Are you in there? We need to get out of here, now!”

“Steve?” you managed to whisper shakily, your nails digging into the bare skin of your thighs.

“Y/N! Thank god!” Steve said, the relief clear in his voice, “The whole tower’s being evacuated; FRIDAY set off the emergency protocol.”

“Steve, you need to go, now!” you responded urgently, eyes squeezing shut as you tried to regain any ounce of control.

“What? Y/N? No! It’s too dangerous to be in the tower right now, I’m not leaving you in here alone!” he said, his captain voice coming out as he tried to convince you to leave.

“Steve! It’s me! I’m the danger, I can’t… I can’t control it… Please, I don’t want to hurt you!” you wept, the tears turning to steam as they rolled down your scorching skin.


“Steve! Go!” you yelled, letting out a shaky breath as you heard his retreating steps.

You had resigned yourself to your fate. Though the fire wouldn’t kill you, the building collapsing would. All you could hope for was that no one else got hurt along the way. If those you loved were safe, then you were happy to die here alone. Feeling your energy slowly drain away, you let out a shaky scream as the fire took hold, ripping through you like a thousand bullets. Whimpering in pain, you let your head drop to your knees, your eyes fluttering shut as the flames danced behind your eyelids.

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I don’t know. You want to think of boys with golden ringlets and head wounds that seep flowers, and you want to think of tragic fire and glistening vulnerable skin, and you want to think of delirious blue skies and endless green valleys for your love to nestle into. You just have this. You just have wires and pipes that vomit smoke and the restless hum of traffic and maybe, if you’re lucky, a moment on the balcony where the light is just right and steam is rolling off of his tea and your pot of petunias is shaking in the wind and you think that this sliver of time was made for you, you specially, this precious Aleph of a second into which the universe narrows and focuses and reflects, a coin for you to keep in your breast pocket, where his hair is uncombed and his relaxed smile clothes you in perfect warmth. A glinting reminder of the divine. And then life will go on.

You have to know that.

There are no modern heroes soaring into the sun. There are no living gods in silver sandals. There is only the small, hollow tap of a moth butting the bulb of your beside lamp. There is only the grooved face of a man buying gel sole inserts and nicotine gum.

You have to know that.

Planes having sex.