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The Perils of Fake-Dating a Superheroine (Nathanael/Queen Bee!Chloe)



Nothing had brought more peril or bother to Nathanael’s life than the day Hawkmoth got it in his head that he was dating Queen Bee.

It had started with a chance rescue, the black and yellow heroine scooping him up as he fell from the claws of an Akuma that dangled him over the Seine. And at the time, it had been thrilling; to be scooped up by Paris’ latest heroine and whisked away over the rooftops away from danger. There wasn’t a teenager in Paris that hadn’t idly fantasized about being rescued by one of the four superheroes that saved their city on a regular basis.

Then the kidnappings started.

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Robecca’s rocket boots! I felt they deserved their own post, so you can see the details better.

These took a long time to paint, but it was worth it. As much as I loved the bright penny color, it was a bit too much and the amazing sculpting was hard to see. I hope I did them justice with the colors I chose. A lot of thought went into picking them, I wanted them to really compliment Robecca and her outfit.

You can buy these shoes, and Robecca, here!

A new little something from actualphanpicquotes. But actually even for today such a Steampunk-Rocket Horse would be really neat. But back then most likely it would have been the only possibility to leave France within six hours. I think with the transportation possibilites like carriages and steam train it would have taken at least 6 hours to get to the rural parts around Paris. Even today it takes with ICE and TGV at least 5 hours and 10 minutes to get from Cologne Central Railway Station, Germany to Paris Gare de l'Est. From Cologne to Paris Gare du Nord, it would take about 3 hours and 15 minutes. With the Thalys, an express train. Not an old steam engine.

I want to take this ride one day. *_* But taking a ride on a Steam Punk Rocket Horse would be really neat. 

anonymous asked:

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