steam punk design

Al’s kind of revamped design! Just changed a couple of minor things (mostly color, boots and his gun holster location). 

Every time I draw him he just seems to get bigger. Soon he will be lost within his own muscles. 

Some things!

  • Al got kicked out of his home and was disowned around age 13.
  • He got kicked out because he was getting involved in magic, which is kind of a big no no in this universe.
  • His brother, Russell, kept in contact with him though and would help him out whenever he could.
  • He was actually child hood friends with Liam, the same person he ends up cursing and condemning him to death years later.
  • Allister is 34 and is really good at magic.
  • Magic takes energy. The bigger the spell, the more energy is spent, thats why he carries the pistol so he can conserve his strength.
  • Allister is bisexual!
  • Kind of a co-leader of a magic “gang” of sorts. The actual leader is his long time friend, Tal, who practically raised him.

If y’all want to know more about Allister, let me know! Shoot me an ask! I love talking about my babs.


Interior Pullman Car.

Beveled mirrors, ornate carvings, and polished brass were the hallmarks of travel in a Pullman parlor car, such as the one depicted here from 1893. First-class passengers enjoyed plush swivel seats and could eat their meals in equaling lavish dining cars. The wealthiest Pennsylvanians owned their own luxuriously appointed private cars.

Credit: Courtesy of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania