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The Metropolitan Water Works’ Chestnut Hill High Service Pumping Station 
The Waterworks Museum in Boston, MA

“The Metropolitan Water Works’ Chestnut Hill High Service Pumping Station, built 1886-87 and expanded in 1897-98, was built at the height of what is sometimes called Boston’s Golden Age, a period of great prosperity for Boston and New England, lasting from the Civil War through World War I.

Credits:  Frank C. Grace (Trig Photography)


Steam pumped

I have many hours in this piece - and I’m very happy with the finished piece. Many of the items I make have an underlying theme of duality. I wanted it to look like the crystals are being pushed like a sparkling hydraulic pump moving through the brass heart. It is a large statement piece for a steampunk costume or an intriguing inclusion on contemporary fashion.

So it’s seen I’ve put it on a short length of vintage brass woven cord at just under choker level. I can alter the length - just let me know.  US$185 + $7 shipping in my Etsy store here.

You Got Me Baffled, Baby

Pairing : (platonic?) Wilford X Reader

Request : Can you do 61. “That’s the worst reason I’ve ever heard to have a baby.” Please with Wilford Warfstache and the reader

Warnings : mediocre swearing

A/N: I’ll bold the prompt for ya’! And yes I’ve head a teenager say this… mentally scarred

You threw your bags into the passenger seat and slid in. At this point in the day, you wanted nothing more than a hot shower, some french fries, and hours upon hours of Netflix. This job had a way of wearing on you. Listening to kids whine about losing their phones for cursing their parents out and then being treated like some kind of joke by the other teachers, when in reality, you probably made a little more money than they did was exhausting. So yeah, being a high school counselor sucked now and then, but it wasn’t all bad. Lately the appointments you’ve had have been genuine. 

At least two students had come to you saying they were freaking out over finals, so much that they’d lost sleep, one of which confessed that he’d turned to drugs. It took some time, but you’d talked him into telling his parents. He nearly lost his mind at the suggestion, but you offered to them come in so you could be there too. That appointment was scheduled for next Thursday after school. 

You hadn’t even realized you were home until you pulled into your driveway. It’s weird how second nature things become. You sigh, grabbing your bags as you open your door. Loud yelling from inside the house causes you to roll your eyes. You were not about to listen to their bickering all night. It was Friday and if they didn’t clear out, you’d raise hell. 

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more soft general headcanons!! relaxing after long days!! yes!!!

i wasn’t sure what exactly this was asking for so i thought i’d just share my headcanons about the ways each of the gang relaxes after long days lol:

  • charlie: most days he likes to play with the cats in the alley next to his apartment. when he’s particularly exhausted he likes to settle down with his favorite inhalants and bang out some tunes on his little keyboard.
  • dee: depending on her mood, sometimes she curls up under her favorite quilted blanket with a bottle of pinot noir and binges old episodes of tv shows she likes (like sex and the city)… and other times she brings out her friend steven. 
  • dennis: he likes to take long and decadent bubble baths while listening to his favorite bryan adams ballads. afterwards he’ll put on a mud mask and pour himself a nice glass of rosé and no one’s allowed to talk to him for the rest of the evening.
  • frank: he enjoys meeting up with artemis and/or his favorite bridge people and seeing where the rest of the night takes him. if he feels like staying home he’ll bring out his toe knife and indulge in some foot care.
  • mac: he likes to let off steam by getting his pump on at the gym. on a good day, there’ll be a cute guy there who will flirt with him, and he’ll happily flirt back. if he decides to stay in, he’ll call and check in on his mom, and other days, he likes to cook.
Maybe We Should Finish This Coffee First (Brad Imagine)

Requested on anon! Enjoy! :)

“Hi, welcome to Starbucks!” You heard you partner, Chrissy, at the cashier and you looked up from the cup that you were practicising some latte art in.

It was just another slow day again at the café and there weren’t many customers. You were still new and had only just started getting the hang of things but it helped that traffic at this particular store wasn’t too heavy.

You tiptoed and looked over the coffee machine and saw a brown-haired lad shuffling through his wallet. He fished out his card and readjusted his hat as he waited for his receipt. He was absolutely gorgeous and the way his curls framed his face and the way he smiled as he thanked Chrissy made you swoon. He wasn’t too tall and was rather lanky in build but you could tell from the bulging veins on his arms that he definitely has been working out.

“Y/N?” Chrissy snapped you out of your daze, “Make the boy’s drink, will ya?”

“Yeah, sorry about that.”

“Looks like someone’s been swept off her feet. Keep it professional, darling.”

You chuckled but didn’t reply. You picked up the cup and read the markings written on it to yourself. “2” indicating two shots of espresso, “1H” indicating a pump of hazelnut syrup, and “C” indicating a cappuccino. You went ahead and made his order. You steamed the milk, pumped the syrup into the cup, added the espresso shots, and combined it all together.

“Venti double hazelnut cappuccino!” You slid on a cup sleeve, slapped on a plastic lid, and placed it on the counter.

“That’s odd,” The brown-haired lad tilted his head in confusion, “I ordered a latte.”

You picked up the cup and looked more closely at what was written on it. Indeed, it was an “L”, not a “C”. Chrissy’s handwriting was just a little too messy.

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry,” You apologised immediately took the cup back, “I’ll make another one for you right away.”

“Don’t worry, it’s no big deal,” His brown eyes met yours and he smiled, making you struggle to contain the butterflies in your stomach. “Actually, you know what? I’ll take it. I’ll try something new for once. I’m sure anything you make is delicious.”

You laughed but raised an eyebrow. “I’m not too sure I understand what you mean by that.”

“Hit me up when you get off your shift. The name’s Brad, by the way.”

“Y/N. Nice meeting you.”

“Likewise.” And with that, he slid you a napkin with his number on it and skipped out the store.

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wolfstar + “Please come get me.” please???? i have a really shitty day and i love your writing so anyways :)

Okay this got SO long. I hope today is better ily <3

“Please come get me…”

Remus was instantly awake at the sound of Sirius’ shaking voice on the other end of the line, sitting up so fast he gave himself a head rush, “Pads? What is it, what’s wrong?”

There was a few beats of silence, then, “Just.. please… Re, please..”

“Hey, shh… I’m coming, love.” Remus sandwiched the phone between his ear and shoulder, groaning when he realized the pants he was trying to tug on were inside out, “Just-“ He switched the phone to the other shoulder, tugging the other leg on deciding he didn’t care, “Where are you, Pads?”

“Ho-“ Sirius stuttered, “My parent’s house. Please, Remus hurry.”

And the line went dead.

Panicked and not sure what was happening, Remus shoved a sweater over his head and grabbed his wand. He tiptoed down the stairs as to not wake his parents and shut the creaky door as quietly as possible before racing out the the curb to stick his wand out.

The knight bus, as usual, was quick and roaring down the street in an instant. It halted, steaming and the pumping like it had a mind of it’s own. A small man in uniform stepped out,

“Good evening,” He started in a monotone voice- he’d lost count of how many times he’d given this speech, “Welcome, totheknightbus. My name-“

“Number Twelve Grimmauld Place.” Remus practically shouted it, squeezing past the tiny fat man and grabbing onto the side wall just in time for the bus to go booming off again.

“Say mate, you’re pants ‘re-“

“Left in a hurry.” Remus grumbled, “How many stops?”

Remus nearly lost his footing as the bus slammed to a stop and the conductor gave a sweeping motion to the door, “Zero, my friend. 2 knuts and-“

Remus wasn’t really sure what money he threw at the man- it could have been 2 Galleons instead - but he didn’t care. He tripped off the bus, stumbled a little on the sidewalk and caught himself just in time on an iron fence. Once he regained his balance he was frantic again, looking around, scanning the buildings. He’d never been to Sirius’ house, didn’t know what to look for.

“Number twelve… number twelve…”

“Blood traitor like yourself? You won’t be able to find it.”

The voice came from right at his feet, making him jump back. His hand went to his wand in his back pocket, until he really got a look at who had just spoke.

It was a boy, shivering, and in nothing but a ragged t-shirt and pajama pants. His hands were wringing together, fists clenching and nails digging into his own skin. He didn’t look at Remus, eyes staring blankly into space. His short, black hair was flat on one side from sleep and he looked… miserable.

“Regulus.. I- I have to find it.. Sirius-“

“Is leaving, right?”



This time he turned is eyes on Remus - although Remus almost wished he hadn’t. They were the deepest, darkest pools of pain he’d ever seen.

“I- I don’t know… he just called me.. Regulus where is he?”

His momentary shock of see Regulus was wearing off and panic was restoring.

“The fight was bad. I mean,” his thin, pale hands reached up and tugged at his hair (a gesture that Remus found very familiar), “I knew he was a possibility but I never imagined- I never thought he’d actually…”

Remus’ eyes widened, heart quickening. So that’s what was wrong… Sirius was finally leaving home. He’d talked about it for years but he never…

Remus hesitated, but crouched down in front of him, “I’m sorry…”

Regulus scoffed, glaring at the ground, “No, you aren’t. You hate this family just as much as he does.”

“Maybe.” Remus allowed, “But I’m sorry for you.” Remus hesitated again, but reached out to place a hand on Regulus’ knee, “You could come with-“

No.” He jerked away, springing to his feet, fists still clenched too tight. He pointed an accusing finger at Remus, “No, this is your fault. If he didn’t-“ he aimed a painful looking kick at the fence but didn’t flinch, “If he didn’t find you and- and them he wouldn’t know anything else but- this! He’d be upstairs right now! I’d be upstairs right now- the house- our parents wouldn’t have-“ I turned the finger on himself, “I’m alone because of you.”

Remus was on his feet too, hands out palms facing forward, “That’s why you could come with us. You wouldn’t be alon-“

“Wouldn’t I?” He shook his head, a sick laughter falling from his mouth, “A Slytherin in the Potter house. Yeah, that’d work out. This,” He looked at the apartment buildings, the space right between eleven and thirteen, “this is the only place where I fit.”

“Evidently not.” Remus shouted right back.

They stared at each other, a glare meeting a plea, for a long moment.

“Where is he?” Remus felt energy draining from his body, adrenalin leaving his system, “Please, Regulus.”

Regulus’ shoulders sagged, his eyes dropping to the ground once more, “The park down the road… I was look-out.” He shook his head, his voice shifting to an uncanny impression of Sirius, “‘like in the castle game, Reg. When we were little, remember?’”

Remus wasn’t sure if he was meant to hear that last part, but he didn’t stick around to find out. He was running, only just catching shouted words from behind him,

“You can tell him this isn’t a game anymore!”

The park looked dismal, like no children had been there for years, and he spotted the slouched figure on the bench in a second.


The silhouette sat up and was running towards him in a flash. They collided in the middle, arms holding onto each other tightly.

“Re- I- I did it. Remus, I left.” Sirius’ entire body was shaking, “I left.” He said it like he wasn’t sure if it was actually true.

“I know.” Remus held him tighter, trying to hold Sirius together, trying to return the favor for all those times Sirius had held him together, “I know, love. I’m so proud of you..”

Standing there, rocking slightly on the spot with Sirius in his arms, he wanted to say something. He wanted to tell Sirius he needed to save his brother… but the words wouldn’t come. There was a lump stuck in his throat and he resulted in pressing his lips to Sirius’ forehead, breathing in his scent that he’d missed all summer.

He resolved that it would be fine… He’d tell him eventually. They had time.

why do I love writing Regulus Black so much


Holmes Equipment Setting

The moment I first heard that the English time period (the Victorian era) would become the setting, I thought I had to do everything to insert steampunk elements into the game. Originally, the Holmes in the source material was famous as the pioneer of forensic investigation, so by that flow I took the opportunity to get TakumiD’s permission, and threw in many retro-futuristic, ground-breaking forensic investigation apparatus. However, we were also concerned with balance, since if we made them too sci-fi, we would lose the charm and the reality of each incident’s mystery, causing the world view to become too free. We carefully designed the equipment considering the important meaning of Holmes’s equipment not leaving the world view of this game as mere history, but also presenting and spreading his own.


When the power source for the goggles are switched “ON”, the goggles will activate and the marks in the middle will lighten up and rotate to show activation. After that, to give off the image of “investigation mode”, an attachment lens is equipped in addition. It is regrettable that, including the activation, we could not show all of this in the game proper.


While the gun is an ordinary percussion revolver, it is attached to a small steam pump inside the bag, which will release the reagent as a spray using pressure and heat. The gun is a parallel to Ryuunosuke’s “Japanese sword”, and also contains the meaning of contrast between Japanese and Western culture.

Lots of rambling about water

Okay so I hope I don’t sound like too much of a nerd if I say this but… turns out I find the historical water delivery systems of Paris super interesting? xD;

I mean, apparently water was the reason why the right bank grew much faster and much wider than the left bank! Because the right bank was more kind of swampy (well, that’s why there’s an area called “The Swamp” there (Le Marais)) so it was easy to dig wells and such. The water was close to the surface. On the left bank the water was much much deeper so digging wells was a lot of work and so people just mostly wouldn’t go live there.

Just look at this map from the 16th century and see how much bigger the right bank is:

(Also just to make things confusing, the right bank is on the left and the left bank is on the right on this map.)

And this is why Rue Plumet for example was still mostly just surrounded by open fields at the beginning of the 18th century and why a guy could plausibly buy the lands and build a ridiculous secret corridor between Rue Plumet and Rue de Babylone. And this is also why Boulevard de l’Hôpital (the Gorbeau House) and Boulevard Saint Jacques (The Field of the Lark) were still almost half-countryside in the 1820′s and 1830′s despite being technically within the contemporary borders of Paris. The city hadn’t properly reached that far yet because it had only had two centuries to expand on the left bank. (Actually in the Rue Plumet area (Les Invalides) it was even worse because they didn’t get proper water delivery before the late 18th century.)

By two centuries I mean that it was in the early 17th century that they started building big pumps and aqueducts to carry water all over the city. There was a huuuuge pump on Pont Notre Dame! That I’d completely missed! It’s not in any of the canon era maps even though it was definitely still there in canon era.

And when I say huge, I mean like this:

That’s a water pump. On the Notre Dame Bridge. Idk about you but I’d have put this on the maps. 

Also that thing was right there when Javert jumped into the Seine… Somehow that totally changes my mental image of the scene…

Anyway, I also found that in canon era most of the public fountains got their water from the river through pumps like this (admittedly not surprising) but not only that, two of the three (or possibly four) pumps that were in use at the time where downstream from the city. I mean… yeah, I know people didn’t have quite the concept of hygiene that we do now but getting your water downstream from one of the biggest and filthiest cities of the era…. Let’s just say no wonder the cholera thing happened. The Notre Dame pump isn’t a very good location to get drinking water either but at least it’s not collecting ALL of the filth of the city. Geez. And they directed the water from those downstream pumps all the way to Faubourg Saint-Antoine and Quinze-Vingts which are way upstream from all the pumps and would have had cleaner water much closer at hand. (Although at least there seem to have been much fewer public fountains over there, possibly because this was the aforementioned swampy area where you could easily dig wells? Also they were relatively newly built parts of the city.)

Oh and apparently the Chaillot pump was also downstream of the Chaillot sewer exit (or whatever you call those) and something similar was going on with the Gros Caillou pump. WONDERFUL. Excellent design! Bravo! What were you doing?!! (Both of these pumps were built by the brothers Périer. These guys founded the Compagnie des eaux de Paris apparently trying to make a profit out of the water business but then they went bankrupt and the city of Paris bought the company.)

Seriously though, I know people didn’t believe in the germ theory at the time but wouldn’t you at least want to NOT drink sewer water?!! And I mean based on the location this was probably where the King’s water came from! At least after the Samaritaine pump on Pont Neuf was dismantled in 1813. (I didn’t actually find anything about where the Tuileries got their water after 1813 but all the surrounding fountains were supplied by the Chaillot pump.)

But no, apparently the water of the Seine was considered to be of excellent quality at the time. And these new and fancy steam pumps were considered superior to the old ones by most people (except those who were anti-industrialists). I mean they had good reasons since the new pumps could operate day and night and worked a lot better than the old ones.

^ Fancy new Chaillot steam pump

To be fair apparently there were people who criticised these decisions even back then. It just seems that they weren’t really taken very seriously… Like this one guy apparently brought up the Chaillot sewer thing and their solution was to build a new pump a little bit further downstream in Auteuil so it wouldn’t be right next to the sewer entrance. This was actually done in 1828, except then it seems like they just kept still using the Chaillot pump ANYWAY?? And I should note that the new pump was STILL downstream from the sewer, just further away! Aaaarrrggghhh!

My guess is that the cleanest water sources were the ones that came from outside of the city, from Rungis, Belleville and Pré-Saint-Gervais (the latter two water delivery systems actually date back to the Middle Ages but had been mostly abandoned by the 19th century, only delivering water to six fountains in Paris – as in six shared between the two). And maybe marginally speaking the canals although they were also used for boat traffic so they probably weren’t as clean as the other three.

NOT THAT I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS MIND YOU. I’m not a historical epidemiologist so I wouldn’t know what kind of water was safer. But I mean… based on common sense these sound like reasonable conclusions. I still wouldn’t drink from any of these, though.

^ Aqueduc Médicis in Arcueil with a covered access chamber or whatever you call those things in English. Most of the aqueduct was underground but it has overground parts too. 

Short summary of the chronology of Parisian water delivery systems up to and including canon era: (the dates are for when they started operating)

12th century: Eaux du Pré-Saint-Gervais (an aqueduct)

13th century: Eaux de Belleville (an aqueduct)

1608: Pompe Samaritaine (a pump, dismantled in 1813)

1623: Aqueduc Médicis/Eaux de Rungis (an aqueduct)

1671: Pompe Notre Dame (a pump)

1780: Pompe à vapeur de Chaillot  (a steam pump)

1786: Pompe à vapeur du Gros Caillou (a steam pump)

1825: the canals Saint-Denis, de l’Ourcq and Saint-Martin

1828: Pompe à vapeur d’Auteuil (a steam pump)

I just realised that it’s possible that Hugo talks about some of this in Les Mis? I actually haven’t read the sewer chapters yet. xD

A rare 1890’s Victorian conservatory/parlor aquarium. This aquarium would have sit in the parlor or conservatory (greenhouse) of a wealthy industrialist of the time period as aquariums of this type were expensive even back 120+ years ago. This beautiful aquarium is made of cast iron from the “plant shelf” down.The iron base has a beautiful swirl pattern with “faces in headdress” on each leg. The 10 gallon (approximately) hexagon aquarium is made from stamped zinc and the top filigree and urn are made from copper. The height is 58" and the width and depth is 28" x 28". The original aquarium probably had a steam powered air pump that sit on the shelf right below the plant shelf.