steam poweres giraffe


Steam Powered Giraffe - Vice Quadrant Doodles

idk, i get images in my bain and then i draw them
so instead of letting these rot on my hardrive, i thought i’d post them

commander cosmo

Wink, Rav, the grin of the space giant, and the green apple in the sky (and a star because lol starburner)

the necronaught,the space giant & apple

commander (cosmo based off the intro bit of the tune of the same name)

edit: deer space powered gyroffe, dee would totally offer to art a ViceQuadrent graphic novel

but have you considered robot sneezing?? like, something small gets lodged in their air vents or they accumulate too much dust and need to get it out so theyre suddenly randomly puffing air out of their air vents and they jerk around a bit like humans do when they sneeze but ahhh i just love robots


I was visiting my parents during Christmas and since I couldn’t bring my workstation with me, I kept myself occupied during the holidays by making a tiny Hatchworth sculpture.

Haven’t done this for almost 4 years and I thought I give it a shot.

Originally, I planed to make a Spine, because he is the easiest but then I decided it had to be Hatchworth because of recent SPG news.

Have a nice New Year!


Here it is, our brand new holiday cover featuring Zero!

Here to brighten the Yulemas season, our automatons bring you a cover of Bing Crosby’s “A Marshmallow World”.

You can find our announcement of Zero and some farewell words from Sam Luke (Hatchworth) here on our previous post:

Seasonal Seasonings!