steam powerede giraffe

Dear Steam Powered Giraffe,

       Thank you. Throughout the past years, my older sister has been suffering from depression, grief, and terrible habits. Every time I watched her cry, it crushed me. I felt like I could do nothing. I have no clue how to comfort someone who sees no way out of pain or suffers with sadness daily. I was lost and so was she. After you posted your song ‘A Way Into Your Heart’, my sister finally saw her way. Past the tears, I saw hope in her eyes that I haven’t seen since we were little. She became more active in her life, happier, she realized that she is not alone. You guys helped my sister find a better path. Her love of life grew stronger with every verse, every note, and every tone of that song. Thank you for helping her find hope when she believed that there was nothing left. Thank you for showing her to a new way to look at things.

Thank you.