steam powered shipping

About two things Jenny was absolutely certain: Her new girlfriend was more like an 18 year old than almost 118, and her mother would be absolutely furious when she found out that she was going out with the oldest intelligent automaton in history without telling her.

Just. Don’t look at me guys. Don’t look at me and my desire to mash up my two favorite robotic ladies. Don’t look at me as I wallow in a strange pit of wanting Rabbit and Jenny to innocently smooch. Don’t look at me.


The Ghost Ship of Kentucky

Tucked away in a small creek just a bit downstream from Cincinnati, Ohio rests a 114 year old ghost ship known as the Celt. It simply fascinates me the history that this one ship has and upon first glance of this rusted hulk you would never imagine so. Originally setting sail back in 1902 as a luxury yacht of a wealthy railroad executive, Celt was 180 feet long and powered by steam. The ship changed hands in 1917 when the US Navy started renting small, quick vessels to outmaneuver German U-boats during World War I. It was during this time that it was renamed the USS Sachem (SP-192) and was used as a coastal patrol boat after being outfitted with depth charges and machine guns. One of the most notable things about it’s life during WWI is that it was loaned to Thomas Edison while he conducted US Government funded experiments onboard in New York as head of the Naval Consulting Board.

After the end of WWI the Sachem changed owners a couple of times before landing back in the hands of the Navy for $65,000 in 1942. The Navy then changed the name to USS Phenakite (PYc-25) and used the vessel to patrol the waters off of the Florida Keys. Phenakite was used for a brief time after WWII to train soldiers to test sonar equipment before being decommissioned and returned to the previous owner in 1945. Subsequently it was sold to Circle Line of NYC and renamed Sightseer but was soon renamed Circle Line V and served as a tour boat until 1983. In 1986 a Cincinnati local named Robert Miller bought the ship for a mere $7,500 and before leaving the New York Harbor it had a cameo in Madonna’s video for ‘Papa Don’t Preach’. After traveling up the Hudson, through the Great Lakes, down the Mississippi and into the Ohio River, the ship settled in a small creek next to Miller’s property in Northern Kentucky where it has rested since.

One of several hand-colored Japanese woodcut scrolls distributed throughout Uraga (near present-day Yokosuka) following the initial panic triggered by numerous sightings of Commodore Matthew Perry’s ‘Black Ships’ [黒船]; the Mississippi, the Plymouth, the Saratoga, and the Susquehanna (a fleet of American gunships), Kanagawa Prefecture, Uraga Harbor, c. 1854.


Ahahaha, yeeeeah… I’m not sure the fanmily is ready for that! The characters of SPG are so closely associated with the people who play them, many fans are uncomfortable with any kind of shipping. On top of that, the family-friendly atmosphere encourages fans to be mindful of the setting before they speak; although a humerous obsession with butts seems to run rampant on the main tag, anything really adult-oriented takes place elsewhere.

BUT! Let’s ignore everything I just said and speculate on SPGSO teams! :D And let’s keep using Homestuck’s quadrant system, because it is awesome. Though for this case, they probably mean more like:
A heart ♥ for love or obsession
A diamond ♦ for BFFs or familial love
A spade ♠ for hate
A club ♣ for peacekeeping

Rabbit♥Jenny - Shipped to Eleven
Michael Reed♦The Jon - RoBroTP
Michael Reed♥The Jon - I Swear They’re Teasing Us On Purpose
Rabbit♦The Spine - Stripes and Stripes Forever
Rabbit♥The Spine - Robofauxcest
Rabbit♠The Spine - Bickerbots, Rock'em Sock'em Robots
The Jon♣(Rabbit♠The Spine) - Mayor of Band Town
The Jon♦Rabbit♦The Spine - Steam Man Band
The Jon♥Rabbit♥The Spine - Steamy Man Band
The Jon♥Quesadillas - Sour Cream All the Way Across the Sky
The Jon♦Sam- Kentucky Sandwich
The Spine♦Sam - Get That Camera Out of My Face
Steve♥His Awesomeness - Epic and So Cool
Michael Reed♠Zombie Bears - ERMAHGERD ZERMBER BERS
The Spine♥His Guitar - Key of Canon
Upgrade♥Her Existance - Princess of Retgone
Lily “Airheart"♥Jimmy Wright - Kissing on the Cloudy Shores of Dandyton
Bree♥Mr. Brennan - How Does a Man Make Love to An Airplane?
Captain Albert Alexander♥The Sea - Down But Not Out
Rex Marksley♥Drop Holsters - Not Historically Accurate
Captain Albert Alexander♦Lily "Airheart"♦Rex Marksley - The Sannin
Peter Walter♥Delilah Moreau - Clockwork Giraffes
Thadeus Becile♥Delilah Moreau - Clockwork Elephants
Delilah Moreau♥Science - Can You Feel the Chemistry?
Peter Walter♦Thadeus Becile - Blue-Green of Promise
Peter Walter♠Thadeus Becile - Blue-Green of Poison
The Brown Coats♣(Blue Matter?The Universe) - Color Guard
Wanda Walter♥Norman Becile - Beauty and the Beast
Peter Walter V♥Annie Burnette - I Only Have Eyes For You
Rabbit♦Peter Walter - Ouch Right in the Feels
Koi Fish♥/♦/♠/?Hotdog - IDKWT–???

Got any more ships/better shipnames to suggest? :D