steam powered giraffe

Bunny Bennett mimes with a plastic cup at Anime Midwest 2017

I was in Chicago earlier this month and spent a few hours at Anime Midwest. I stuck my head in the Be Your Own Bot panel just to see the band IRL. Obviously Sam has changed a lot while David looks exactly the same, but I was really amazed by Bunny.

I saw SPG live for the first time at Anime Midwest four years ago (heck). I was two weeks post-top surgery and remember nervously mumbling something to Bunny at the tail end of the autograph line. Bunny was one of the few out trans people I knew of back then and she was prominent in my mind for several years, but lately I haven’t kept up with the band.

So it really warmed my cockles to see her on that stage, miming animatedly in the tiniest shorts ever invented, with a big beaming smile that lit the room. It made me remember how withdrawn and unhappy I was four (and ten, and fifteen) years ago. I’m not bouncing off the walls all the time now, but life feels natural and good.

I also wear very short shorts, but that might be a global warming thing.