steam powered giraffe


Our popular vinyl stickers and metallic logo buttons are perfect for all your accessorizing needs!

Die cut big ol’ 5" x 4.75" vinyl stickers perfect for your Acura or school folder. These high quality stickers feature water resistant ink, fade resistance for 3 to 5 years, and they are weatherproof so you can be sure your sticker is safe to promote our band in wind, rain, or sunlight exposure! Snag one here!

Show off your favorite robot band with this 2.25 inch round metallic finish button featuring the Steam Powered Giraffe logo in all it’s Giraffe glory! Button has a pin backing. Available here!

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TSInktober day 24: Harry Potter, Ron, Hermione… and one random character from a completely different fandom universe who would not be a good addition to the team (plus a bonus Snape)

I really don’t think GG from Steam Powered Giraffe would be a good idea at Hogwarts. And I can’t even imagine just how bad Snape’s reaction to her would be…

but have you considered robot sneezing?? like, something small gets lodged in their air vents or they accumulate too much dust and need to get it out so theyre suddenly randomly puffing air out of their air vents and they jerk around a bit like humans do when they sneeze but ahhh i just love robots


We hope you enjoy your weekend, robot-enthusiasts! To celebrate, here’s a new music video for “Malfunction” from our upcoming album QUINTESSENTIAL, arriving on September 1st, 2016

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Cosmica, I lover her design! I’ve always wanted to paint her, and well sometimes dreams come true :’>  Also I am sorry, because while I paint in bright color…this is truly an eyeburner.

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