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I like to think about the Necronaut saying “So this.. is [INSERT THING IN DEMOIC VOICE]” whenever he experiences something new


“so this.. is NETFLIX

“so this.. is a PUPPY.. what are you doing? don’t lick me I am the most powerful force in all the cosmos!!!”

bigbuffcheeto-puff  asked:

so i never played tf ever and i dont know anything about it, so can you like tell me what its about? im seeing it everywhere on my dash

oh gosh, uh

if you mean th game itself, it’s literally just. two teams of 9 mercenaries killing eachother over + over, in a very cartoony/silly universe. and Hats. Lots Of Hats

+ it’s been free on steam for practically forever (+ if ur comp can handle ow thn it most Def can handle tf2)

for a bit of an intro on th mercs you can watch th fantastic meet the team videos!!!! they’re classics!!!

but for th story? eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

most Everything is in th comics

i Would recommend reading most All of th comics (since they’re all Rly Good Actually) starting w/ th ‘update comics’ if u want a bit more explanation/backstory to things (ALSO read them from oldest to newest, they’re listed from newest to oldest in that section so heads up!) but for Ths current storyline tht everyone’s freakin out about u should read th ones under th ‘tf comics’ section

but Esp read th ‘catch-up comic’ if ur not gunna read th update ones (tho tbh if u do read th update ones read it when ur done, theres still Good Info in there), as its more or less th most clear + concise explanation you’re going to get on timelines + stuff like that

but besides that like…….yeah

if you have th time set aside a few hours to read them


anonymous asked:

This game looks really good and I wish I had steam so I could play it

Steam accounts are free. So as long as you got a computer, you can go to their website, register, and BAM, you’re good to go.




Because I don’t want to clog up a nice post about nice women with my ramblings…

I just watched some Uncharted gameplay and honestly? The running and jumping reminds me of playing HP2 a bit. But really, it looks great, and like a game I’d like (also like a game I would die in a lot because I really don’t play a lot of shooting games).

One thing I want to know though… are there actual zombies in this game series? Because this guy I watched playing saw dead corpses and started talking about them and I wanna know if that was because he’d played Uncharted 2 and 3 before this one and there were zombies in those, or if it was just a generic ‘zombies are in everything so maybe they’re in this game’.

Question is open for everyone but kinda aimed at @beltsquid since they went into my tags on my post and started telling me about the awesome women in the series


Made a new trailer for Portal Stories: Mel! Coming soon. ;)