steam bread

The incense is burning, the curtain open, the deck ready.


The goal of this zine is to celebrate our appreciation for Nix Hydra’s beautiful visual novel The Arcana.

But what would we like to see?

Our aim is to compile a breathtaking collection of the adventures your very own Apprentices are living in the world of The Arcana. 
That time you and Portia caused a ruckus in the kitchens stealing loaves of steaming bread? Yes!
Nadia playing the harp and your Apprentice blissfully listening? Absolutely!
And why not a little romance?

We’re still in the earliest stages of the project, so before we open submissions and begin the actual making of the zine, we need to see if people are interested!
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Spread the word and stay tuned: if all goes well, we’ll be soon calling for artists!
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Katsudon - Yuri!!! on Ice

You might not want to be a pork cutlet, but with this recipe you can totally eat a pork cutlet!  And, really, what could be more desirable than a steaming bowl of rice, breaded pork cutlet, onions, and egg. Funnily enough, katsu and the word for victory are pronounced the same in Japanese (カツ and 勝つ, respectively), so athletes will often eat some katsudon before or after they compete.
So, in honor if Yuri Katsuki’s birthday, make some tasty katsudon!

Feeds 2


  • 3 cups cooked rice ( following this recipe if you can.  Feel free to make it ahead of time and heat it up before plating, but I’ll let you know when to start cooking the rice if you want to make everything all at once)
  • 2 boneless pork chops (and a meat mallet)
  • Salt and pepper
  • Flour for dusting
  • 1 egg, beaten, for breading
  • 1 cup panko
  • ½  cup dashi stock (you can use chicken or vegetable stock if you can’t get a hold of some dashi or dashi powder)
  • 1 Tbsp. soy sauce
  • 2 Tbsp. mirin
  • 2 tsp. sugar
  • 1 small onion, sliced thin
  • 2 eggs
  • ¼ cup peas (alternatively, you can top it with scallions/green onions, thinly sliced nori, sesame seeds, whole snowpeas, and any combination of any of these)


  1. Begin heating up some oil in a deep pan on the stove.  About ½” of oil should do.  Alternatively, if you have a deep fryer and feel comfortable using it, go ahead a use that for the pork katsu.
  2. Use a meat mallet to pound the pork to about ¼” thick.
  3. Season the pork chops with salt and pepper, and dust them with the flour.
  4. Dip the pork into the first beaten egg, then coat them with panko crumbs.
  5. Once the oil is hot (get some water on your hand and flick it into the oil from a safe distance above, if it sizzles and pops, the oil is ready), place the breaded pork into the oil.  Fry them until golden brown on each side.  Once they’re cooked, remove them from the oil, and set them aside on a plate with some paper towels to absorb the excess oil.
  6. If you haven’t already made your rice, start cooking it now, using this recipe.
  7. Add the stock, soy sauce, mirin and sugar to a pan (one big enough to hold both pork chops) and bring it to a simmer.  Add in the onions and cover the pan with a lid.
  8. Once the onions are translucent, slice the pork katsu, and carefully (as to keep the slices together, treating them as if it were still a whole cutlet) add it on top of the onions.
  9. Beat the remaining two eggs and pour them on top of the pork katsu.  Cover the pan with the lid.
  10. Begin portioning the rice into two bowls.
  11. Once the eggs are done (still kind of jiggly and slimy looking, but definitely not liquid anymore.  If you’re squeamish about eggs, feel free to cook it a bit longer, but be careful not to allow the egg to become dry and fluffy), pick up the pan and slide/pour the sauce, onions, katsu, and egg onto the rice in the bowl.
  12. Top with peas or your choice of garnish.
  13. Reward yourself with this delicious meal. (But only after you win the skating competition, of course.)

As requested-

I was so happy about this ask because I’ve loved the Ancient Egyptian deities and culture since I was a little girl. Here are ways you can connect with Kemetism.

✨burn sweet smelling incense in your Space

✨ have snacks of fruits, dried fruits and warm steaming bread

✨ study and learn to write in hieroglyphics when you need some calm and focus

✨ spend time with cats, whether it’s your own or a neighbor’s

✨ work on your winged eyeliner and put products in your hair to make it smell sweet

✨create an altar to your favorite God or Goddess

✨ create beaded necklaces or bracelets to adorn yourself with

✨ wade in a river

✨ meditate on the ankh, or your personal ideas of the source of life

✨ read and study the Book of the Dead or the Book of Gates

✨ practice some Heka magic

✨ for Thoth- create hieroglyphic sigils

✨ for Isis - meditate on the sacred feminine

✨ for Hathor - dance to music you love

✨ for Horus - practice some air element magic

✨ for Anubis - let go of detrimental things in your life and start a new cycle

✨ for Ra - feel the sun on your face

✨ for Seth - do something out of your comfort zone

✨ for Osiris - get your hands in the earth and work with plants

✨ put highlighter on your cheeks and collarbones so you glow

✨ practice or learn a musical instrument


Mr. Barnes (Part 1 out of ?)

(A/N): Here’s that mafia AU you guys! 

Summary: Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: for now just swearing and brief mentions of torture

Originally posted by fvckmxk

   Bucky huffed on his cigarette as he walked down the empty streets of Brooklyn, a crooked little smile upon his face as his dress shoes clacked against the pavement. He’d had a business meeting only a few hours before but his newer- partner- had taken a little more negotiating than others. 

   “Good evening officer,” Bucky smirked as he tucked his bloodied fist into a handkerchief, hiding the already scabbing wounds. The officer gave him a polite smile and gently tip of his hat as he walked down on the road, attempting to hide the way he nearly quaked in his shoes as he walked off. Bucky chuckled dryly as he puffed a little bit of smoke into the air, watching it curl up beautifully only to dissipate a few moments later. With a gentle sigh Bucky continued on his way, bypassing half the slums of Brooklyn and slowly, nearly leisurely, made his way to the nicer, bigger houses in the Brooklyn area. 

   The lights to his house were on and a figure stood in the doorway, their arms folded over their chest as the looked out into the road with no doubt that distasteful eye of theirs. 

   “Dot,” Bucky smiled as he made his way up the steps to his home, kissing his girlfriend on the cheek. “Hiya babydoll,” 

   “You’re late,” She sighed, tucking a red curl behind her ear. Bucky gave her a gentle smile as he flicked his nearly burnt cigarette into their rose bushes. 

   “Business ran a little later than usual, seems like old Danny won’t be able to sell secrets for a bit,”  Dot smiled, a twisted little thing as she got up on her tiptoes to press a kiss to Bucky’s lips. 

   “You cut out his tongue, didn’t’cha?” She asks with an almost morbid curiosity. Bucky smiled as he pressed another kiss to her cherry painted lips, letting her sweet taste fill his mouth. 

   “Mh, It was only fair, was it not?” Dot smiled even more, her hands sliding up to grasp at Bucky’s blood stained tie. 

   “Such a dirty boy Mr. Barnes,” She chuckled in an almost sultry tone. 

   “You know it,” Bucky gave her a little wink as he stepped away from her, waltzing into his warm kitchen. “Ah, doll, you made me dinner?” 

   “ ‘Course I did Baby, I even warmed it up for ya,” Bucky turned to Dot with a mock fond smile, an almost coo falling from his lips. 

   “You’re so good to me Dot, what would I do without’cha?” Dot smiled, an almost girly chuckle falling from her lips as her cheeks dusted a light pink. 

   “I suppose starve, you don’t ever seem to have the time to stop and eat,” Bucky smiled, turning back to look at the food with an almost ravenous look. 

   “Of course I would,’ 

    (Y/N) walked down the street, their jacket pulled around their freezing form tightly as they breathed in and out shallowly. Damn, they hated their stupid asthma and they hated stupid winter. With a wheezing little breath (Y/N) turned a corner, marching right out onto main street. (Y/N) eyed the little bakery just down the block, it’s soft lights an invitation to get out of the cold, an invitation (Y/N) would accept. With a smile (Y/N) walked as briskly as they could to the shop, pulling open the old wooden door. 

   “(Y/N),” Mrs. Rogers, the baker, smiled out at (Y/N) with bright eyes and rosy cheeks. “I was wondering when you were going to stop by today,” 

   “Sorry,” (Y/N) gives her an apologetic little smile as they remove their mittens and hat. “Asthma’s been acting up and I got here as fast as my horrible lungs could carry me,” Mrs. Rogers gave them a sympathetic smile as they browsed over the baked goods, their fingertips gently reaching out to brush along the glass. “How’s Mr. Rogers doing?” (Y/N) poked their head up from the case just long enough to give Sarah a look before ducking back down again to look at the cookies, cakes, and breads. 

   “He’s just fine deary, thank you for asking,” 

   “And what about-” The name catches in (Y/N)’s throat, as though stuck by some invisible force. “What about Steve?” Mrs. Rogers sighs, her bright eyes losing their shine. 

   “I don’t know (Y/N), he’s hardly ever visiting, he doesn’t ever write to us, we only ever see him on the streets smoking with some hooligans.” 

   “I’m sorry,” Is all (Y/N) could provide, their tone coming across as sympathetic. “It happens to the best of them,” 

   “These….these gangs are dangerous aren’t they?” (Y/N)’s head perks up again, a look of remorse crossing their winter touched features. 

   “Yes Mrs. Rogers, very dangerous,’ Sarah sighs, hanging her head in shame. 

   “That boy is going to be the death of me…” A brief look of pain crossed her features before she was suddenly perking back up again, her cheery smile returning (even if it was a bit more plastic this time). “Well, what are you going to be having sweetie?” (Y/N) gave her a small smile as they point to a loaf of bread, the steam still slowly rising from it. With a smile Sarah retrieves the loaf, placing it in a small bag for (Y/N) to take home. 

   “Tell your mother to come visit sometime, god knows she needs to get out of that house every so often,” (Y/N) chuckled as they placed a few coins on Sarah’s nearly pristine counter top before they reached over and grabbed the still steaming loaf of bread. 

   “I’ll be sure to, I’m sure she’d love to catch up,” 

   “And mind that asthma of yours! I don’t want you dropping dead on me!” Sarah calls after (Y/N) as they exit the shop with a wave, a small smile plastered on their dusted cheeks. Sarah smiles as she places the money in the register, listening to the satisfying little chime that issued when she dropped the coins in. Her thoughts drifted to (Y/N), of poor sickly, stubborn (Y/N). God bless their soul she loved them, but in this world, with their ailments she doubted they’d last very long. And oh how right she’d been…

    Bucky walked through the freezing streets of Brooklyn with a lighter in his hand, his thumb flicking over the tiny flame over and over again, almost tempting fate to burn him but he knew it wouldn’t, even fate was scared of Mr. Barnes. With a little satisfied smirk Bucky flicked the cap closed and placed the lighter back in his pocket, right next to his Brazilian imported cigarettes. His eyes linger on the small rounded material as he turns a corner, his feet carrying him down the familiar main street but suddenly his freshly polished shoes are colliding with some force, another person to be exact. 

   Bucky grunts a bit as he grabs onto whoever he bumped into, gripping them to steady not only himself but them as well. 

   “Sorry there kid, I didn’t even see you there-” Bucky’s sentence trails off as he looks up, his blue gaze connecting with one of the most gorgeous faces he’d seen in his life. Their eyes were brimming with tears, no doubt due to the harsh air, their cheeks and nose were dusted an almost innocent pink color, and their outfit, albeit old and shabby, complimented their rather sweet look very well. 

   “I’m sorry,” They whisper, their voice rather hoarse. “I wasn’t looking were I was going and-” 

   “It’s a-okay kid,” Bucky gives them a gentle smile as he dusts off their shoulders. “Nobody got hurt,” 

   “Well uh- thanks for sparing me a lecture about being mindful,” (Y/N) smiles sheepishly, their face suddenly contorting with pain as they turn their head to the side and cough up a raging fit. If Bucky didn’t know any better he’d say they were dying, hacking their lungs right up into the crease of their arm but suddenly the fit ends and they look at him again, giving him a sheepish smile. “Sorry,” (Y/N) whispers, their voice even more hoarse than before. “Um, thanks again though Mr…?” They trail off, waiting for Bucky to supply them with an answer. Bucky chuckled a bit, shaking his head in almost amusement. Oh, this was always his favorite part, telling someone his name and watching the life and color drain from their face, watching the way their eyes would dim and their smiles would fall. 

   “I’m Bucky. Bucky Barnes, and you are?” (Y/N) suddenly gulps, their eyes widening just enough to let Bucky know that they recognized his name. 

   Bucky Barnes- mobster and leading crime lord of Brooklyn 1944

Bae Jinyoung Mafia AU

warning: violence, blood

  • you work at this convenience store in a not-so-great part of time
  • as a high-school-er, it’s not ideal to have a job, but you make do with what you have
  • you’re also like 95% sure that the bar next door to the convenience store sells some weird drugs or some shit out of the back
  • but you value your life, so you don’t press it
  • one night during your shift, you were managing the cash register when a classmate of yours, bae jinyoung, bought some energy drinks
  • he looked a bit surprised to see you, and you were surprised to see him as well
  • “do you live in this part of town?” he asked hesitantly, almost as though he was nervous
  • you explained that you didn’t live there, but you’d seen the job offering and taken it immediately
  • he bids you good night and hurries off into the night
  • (you totally weren’t watching where he went) but you could have sworn that he ducked into the bar next door
  • shaking the odd feeling off, you turned back to the book that you were reading, waiting for your shift to end
  • the next day in class, you see jinyoung and you make kind of awkward eye contact before turning back to your own work
  • he was fairly popular at your school, and people liked him, but he didn’t seem to have many close friends at your own high school, explaining to people that his best friend went to a different high school
  • when you were coming into school a few days later, jinyoung apparently wasn’t there because everyone was gossiping about him
  • someone in your homeroom had a friend at the other high school in town, and bae jinyoung’s best friend park jihoon was rumored to be in the 101, the mafia that held control over most crime in the area
  • you didn’t give it much thought, chalking it up to jealous teenagers, but that night when jinyoung stopped in the convenience store to buy energy drinks again, you couldn’t help but stare as he quickly darted into the bar
  • maybe he was in 101 as well as his friend from that other school,,,
  • no way, you scolded himself, this was the guy whose face was smaller than a lollipop, he’s not in the mafia
  • welp
  • a few weeks later, you were just chilling, restocking the magazines, when you heard the loud, telltale pop of rapid gunfire
  • someone burst into the convenience store and yelled for you to get down
  • you did as you were told, crawling over to where jinyoung crouched as well
  • “what’s going on? why is there shooting?”
  • jinyoung grimaced, peeking his head out of the window quickly before ducking down again
  • “is there a light switch or something that you can turn off?”
  • you nodded, reaching up to flick the lights off
  • “ok, do you have the keys?”
  • shakily, you reached into your back pocket and handed jinyoung the keys to the front door
  • he quickly darted over, locking the door before returning to your crouched position behind the cash register
  • “sorry about that,” he sighed, pulling his fingers through his hair, “i’m sure you’ve already figured this out, but i’m involved with 101. we have some operations next door, and someone thought it would be a good idea to try and raid our supply” he explained
  • “then why are you here?” you asked, still totally in confusion
  • jinyoung blushed a bit, looking down at the ground
  • “i-i mean, i knew that you were working this shift, and the guys attacking have a tendency to kill any witnesses, so i wanted to make sure you’d be safe.” he said quietly, not meeting your eyes
  • “oh,” you replied, nodding, “well, thanks”
  • the close proximity of the two of you definitely made your heart race
  • “yeah, no problem.”
  • after that night, you guys become friends obviously
  • he says hi to you in the mornings before class, and stops in more frequently to buy a drink or something, just to chat with you a bit during the shift since he knows how boring it gets for you
  • one day he doesn’t show up for school
  • and the teacher’s really frustrated and asks the class if anyone speaks with jinyoung
  • “oh, (y/n) is close with him!”
  • the teacher explains that jinyoung needs to finish a couple assignments by friday, otherwise he’ll fail maths
  • and she gives you the assignments to pass onto him
  • and ur like um i don’t really know where he is but OK
  • you bring the assignments home with you, thinking that maybe he’ll stop by the convenience store
  • all during your shift, you’re hoping that he’ll stop by, but of course he doesn’t
  • when you’re done with your shift and changed back into your school uniform, stepping out onto the street, you can’t help but stare at the bar next door
  • after contemplating for a bit, you march over there, determined to not let jinyoung fail his class
  • the bouncer stops you and is like
  • “girl you’re not even trying to pretend to be of-age”
  • and you sort of huff and glare at him “i’m with jinyoung,” you said confidently, hoping that would get you in
  • for some reason, it actually does, and you quickly slip in, not really sure what you’re looking for
  • your uniform and obvious young age draws you a lot of attention
  • “hey there, young lady,” a man with a charming smile approaches you “are you here to inquire about the job?”
  • “j-job?” you stammer  out  “no, i’m from jinyoung’s high school, i’m here to deliver an assignment”
  • the guy looks you up and down, eyes flickering to your name tag before grinning
  • “ah, so you’re the infamous (y/n),” he gestured for you to follow him “how convenient, we were just talking about you”
  • he leads you to a back hallway, and was about to open a door when you heard glass smash against a wall
  • the guy winced at that “sorry about that, i guess they’re still talking about you”
  • “hyung, if you think i’m really going to put my entire life on the line for some stupid gang of yours, you’re sorely mistaken”
  • “you took the oath, jinyoung, you have to. besides, we already gave you an alternative”
  • “oh, drag (y/n) into 101? hell fucking no, I’m not a fucking asshole”
  • the man standing next to you knocked on the door
  • “jinyoung? someone’s here to see you”
  • “no dear, i think you’ll want to see her.”
  • jinyoung stuck his head out of the room, clearly pissed off
  • as soon as he saw you, his anger melted into concern
  • “(y/n), what are you doing here?” he asked frantically, looking at you, “you shouldn’t come here, it’s dangerous!”
  • “oh, i just wanted to give you your math homework,” you stammered, reaching into your backpack, “teacher says that if you don’t turn it in by friday, you might fail the class.”
  • “OH, AND YOU’RE FAILING MATH. JUST GREAT, JINYOUNG” someone yelled from inside the room
  • you frowned, looking in the direction of the room
  • “hey, i didn’t say he was currently failing math, i said he might, there’s a big difference,” you folded your arms after handing him the packet of work. “if you want, i can show you a few of the problems tomorrow before school?”
  • “Jinyoung,” the man standing next to you said in a low, almost threatening voice
  • jinyoung turned to you, teeth gritted
  • “i’d love to”
  • “great! i’ll see you tomorrow morning, then?”
  • you hurried out of the bar, wanting to get away from that intense atmosphere
  • the next morning, you ended up being the first person to arrive to your classroom
  • jinyoung showed up with some breakfast bread and steaming hot coffee, setting one down next to you
  • “hey, (y/n), i actually kind of need to talk to you about something other than math,” jinyoung sighed, taking a sip of his coffee before continuing, “i’ll just cut straight to it– I like you, a lot. My hyungs know it too, and I was planning on asking you out a while ago, but ever since you found out about 101, they don’t want me involved with you, since someone could use you as leverage over me. basically, they said that the only way i could date you is if you agreed to work in association with 101.”
  • you frowned, trying to process everything
  • “y-you like me?”
  • “yeah,,,” jinyoung smiled at you, “i know it’s a lot to think about, and i definitely don’t expect you to change your whole life just for some guy. I just wanted to tell you I liked you while I still have the chance.”
  • “Jinyoung, I like you to,” you told him, smiling widely, “we can figure something out, but for now, just know that I like you.”
  • after trading smiles, the two of you start working on math again
  • you two weren’t calling what you had dating, but it was dating
  • he would buy you food in the morning, walk you to work
  • if he had a rough day, or if he knew you had a rough day, you would call each other on the phone and just talk for hours
  • your first kiss was in the back room of the convenience store, next to pallets of instant ramyeon and soy milk cans, but it was perfect
  • his best friend, jihoon, helped jinyoung convince his hyungs to let him date you, and eventually they agree as long as you get some training from them (like self defense)
  • the guy who had been yelling at jinyoung (who he loving referred to as “auntie) even bought you a thing of pepper spray to always carry around
  • jinyoung always makes sure to treat you right and that you’re safe and comfortable while still maintaining your own independence and respect
[I’m On Fire] - Part 3

AU!Jeffrey x Reader

[Prompt: Jeffrey picking you up from school, and the scandal when everyone who thought he was your father, finds out he’s actually your boyfriend]

A/N: I wanted to write a flashback on how these two met, especially since they have such a huge age gap. In case any of you were curious – Also, I have been having such a serious struggle writing part 3 so if this is shitty or disappointed you guys in anyway…I’m so sorry in advance >.< I’ve written two different versions which I hated and now that I finished this draft I just wanted to post it without thinking. UGH again I’m sorry if its shitty. 

Tags: Smut, Daddy Kink, Fluff

Part 2 || Masterlist 

(gif by @londoncapsule


Alma was bustling with life.

Students, lovers and friends gathered together in the tiny narrow restaurant bumping elbows by the dinner tables and getting to know one another as they crowded the bar. The walls were painted an aztec blue, decorated and adorned with textiles of white, orange and mustard yellow. The eclectic music was drowned out by the sound of heavy chatter and the clinking of wine glasses.

Juxtaposing this lively atmosphere, you found yourself seated across Phoebe and Regina spending the first half of your night dealing with their chilling stares and withdrawn attitudes.

No matter how many times you profusely apologised to them, they didn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood.

“Did you guys forget how we became friends in the first place?”, you argued after they continued refusing to accept your hurtful “excuses”.

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您想吃什么? (Nín xiǎng chī shénme?) What do you want to eat?

Chinese dishes are countless. And because of immigration and Westerner’s influence some dishes are less “authentic” that’s ok - they’re still delicious. 

Meat dishes - 肉菜 (ròu cài)

Sizzling (beef served on a very hot plate with peppers/onions): 铁板牛肉 (tiě bǎn niú ròu)

Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs: 酸甜排骨 (suān tián pái gǔ)

Sweet and Sour Pork: 糖醋里脊 (táng cù lǐjí) 

Gong Bao Chicken: 宫保鸡丁 (gōng bǎo jī dīng)

Char Siu (Barbecued Roast Pork): 叉烧 (chā shāo)

BBQ Meat: 烤肉 (kǎo ròu)

Hot Pot : 火鍋 (huǒguō)

Vegetable dishes - 素菜 (sùcài)

Fried eggplant: 红烧茄子(hóng shāo qié zi)

Fried Chinese cabbage: 炒大白菜 (chǎo dà bái cài)

Fried shredded potato: 土豆丝 (tǔ dòu sī)

Deep-fried pumpkin sticks: 黄沙南瓜条 (huáng shā nán guā tiáo)

Breakfast -早餐 (zǎo cān)

Fried bread stick: 油条 (yóu tiáo)

Egg 鸡蛋 (jīdàn)

Tea-soaked egg: 茶叶蛋 (cháyè dàn)

Century-old egg (preserved duck egg):皮蛋 (pídàn)

Steamed bread: 饅頭 (mán tou)

Steamed buns with condensed milk dip: 炼乳馒头 (liàn rǔ mán tou)

Congee/Porridge: 粥 (zhōu)

Special Flavor Chicken Porridge: 风味鸡粥 (fēng wèi jī zhōu)

Century Egg Pork Congee: 皮蛋瘦肉粥 pídàn shòu ròu zhōu)

Shaobing: 烧饼 (shāo bǐng)

Soy milk : 豆浆 (dòu jiāng)

Stuffed steamed bun: 包子 (bāo zi)

Wontons: 馄饨 (húntún)

Dimsum: 点心 (diǎnxīn)

Dumplings: 饺子 (jiǎozi)

“Desserts” - 甜点 (tiándiǎn)

Sweet Soup Balls : 汤圆 (tāng yuán)

Sesame Balls : 芝麻球 (zhī ma qiú)

Red Been Bun : 豆沙包 (dòu shā bāo)

Red bean paste Pancake : 豆沙烧饼 (dòushā shāobǐng)
Pumpkin Pancake : 南瓜饼 (nán guā bǐng)

Dragon’s Beard Candy : 龙须酥 (lóng xū sū)

Egg Tarts : 蛋挞 (dàn tà)

Tanghulu (Candied Fruit on A Stick) : 糖葫芦 (táng hú lu)

Sweet Egg Bun : 奶黄包 (nǎi huáng bāo)

Grass Jelly : 烧仙草 (shāo xiān cǎo)

Fried Durian : 榴莲酥 (liú lián sū)

Others -

Wheat Noodles : 面条 (miàn tiáo)

Noodle soup: 汤面 (tāng miàn)

Soup: 汤 (tāng)

Beef noodles :牛肉面 (niúròu miàn)

Fried noodles: 炒面 (chǎo miàn)

Fried rice noodles: 炒米粉 (chǎo mǐ fěn)

Fried rice: 炒饭 (chǎo fàn)

Spring Rolls: 春卷 (chūnjuǎn)

Some regional dishes -

Shanghai small steamed buns: 小笼包 (xiǎolóng bāo)

Peking roasted duck: 北京烤鸭 (běi píng kǎo yā)

Chinese Muslim barbeque mutton skewers: 羊肉串 (yángròu chuan)

Changsha-style stinky tofu: 长沙臭豆腐 (chǎngshā chòu dòufu)

Hangzhou braised pork belly: 东坡猪肉 (dōng pō zhū ròu)

Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles: 兰州卡面 (lánzhōu lāmiàn)

Sichuan hot pot: 四川火锅 (sìchuān huǒguō)

Ma Po Tofu: 麻婆豆腐 (má pó dòufu)

Rou Jia Mo: 肉夹馍 (ròu jiā mó)

Iron Man & Mrs. King (4/?)

Pairing: Tony x Reader
Word Count: 1,634
Warnings: Domestic Abuse (more explicit in later chapters), fluff, some swearing. JARVIS is still an AI, Bucky is part of the team.
Chapters post on Mondays and Thursdays.

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7:00pm, Wednesday Evening, Stark Tower

The team assembled in the kitchen to see what bits of deliciousness Mrs. King had left for them.  Steve opened the oven and the smell of lasagna wafted through the air, making them all moan with delight. A loaf of garlic bread sat sliced and wrapped in a towel with instructions to warm it. They sat at the table with steaming lasagna, fresh bread, and crisp salads.

“I really think we need to keep this woman forever.” Bucky said.

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a little slice of heaven

Summary: Rose stumbles upon a bakery one morning when she’s out far too early for her liking. (Ten/Rose bakery AU)

Word Count: 705 words || Rating: All Ages

Notes: for the absolutely amazing @boobiedook who i love immensely and was in need of some fluff. hopefully this tooth-rottingly sweet thing has magical healing powers ♥


Rose stumbled into the shop still half asleep, lured in by the smell of cinnamon and vanilla and what she thought just might be heaven. A little bell above the blue door announced her arrival and she stopped in her tracks once she was inside. It was a warm bakery, bigger than she had expected from the storefront and suffused with soft gold light that lit up the treats stacked in glass cases around the room.

“Oh, hello! No one usually wanders in this early.”

Rose looked up to find a tall, lanky man walking out of the back room with a tray filled with mini loaves of some sort of bread in his hands. His brown hair was sticking up in every direction and there was a streak of flour highlighting one cheekbone.

“I didn’t even check to see if you were open, just kinda walked in,” Rose said, walking towards the counter, drawn in by the baker’s bright smile and twinkling chocolate-colored eyes.

“Ah, well there aren’t actually hours posted. I just unlock the door when I get here and close up when I’ve sold out or am ready to go.” He set the tray down and stuck his hands in the pockets of his brown pinstriped apron, still grinning like a loon. “I’m the Doctor, by the way.”

“Rose,” she answered, not able to resist smiling back. She could see the spray of freckles across his nose now that she was closer. It almost looked like he’d been dusted with cinnamon in addition to the wayward streak of flour.

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Monsta X and Breadcrumbs

Request: “Can you do mx reaction when you have bread crumbs in side of your mouth?” -anon

Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoy this :) I know it’s very very late ;u; Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this and I’ll be opening my request/message box soon! :) Credits to the owners of these gifs.


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Walking through the cold streets of the city, you locked arms with your boyfriend, Shownu. The streets were filled with stalls and different boutiques of different brands. You’ve been walking for thirty minutes and all of the walking made your tummy grumble, making Shownu chuckle and pull you towards this steaming, hot bread stall. Ordering two of the two of you, you couldn’t wait to devour the delicious looking bread right in front of you. As soon as you’ve taken a big, big bite, you’ve noticed Shownu smiling widely at you.

What’s wrong? Is something on my face?” 

Before you could even touch your face, Shownu’s thumb was already at the corner of your lips, wiping off the crumbs while shaking his head. “You really amaze me, [y/n].” He’d mutter this before planting a kiss on the tip of your nose.

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Wonho snuggled close to you as the two of you watched Moana. The only snacks that the two of you have was a jar of cookie and some pastries. You lazily rested your head at the backrest of the couch while munching on to the cookie. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a getaway at Bali or something?” you blurted out of the blue, making Wonho look up, only to stop when he saw the crumbs on your lips. Smirking to himself, he cleared his throat and you were about to continue when Wonho suddenly brought lifted himself up and licked your lips. Your eyes widened by his actions, making him smile at you cheekily.

What the– Didn’t I tell you to behave, babe?”

“Not my fault, you’re the one who’s asking for it. But, tell me, did you like it when I licked you?”

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You were already running late for your vocal lessons with your boyfriend but this didn’t stop you from munching on a sandwich. As soon as you arrived right in front of the studio, you gulped down the last bite before making your way in. Kihyun, who was sitting on the black swivel chair, turns around only to see a messy you. At first he’d act strict, asking you why you’re late and would be fascinated when you told him that there was traffice. When he asked you if you ate something, you would lie once more but this time, he’d be laughing his ass out. 

Yeah, right. Why don’t you look at yourself, hmm?”

He’d walk up to you and show you how you actually looked, making you blush madly. He would shake his head while pulling his handkerchief out before cupping your chin. “Aigoo, you’re really messy babe.” And he’d start wiping off the mess off your face like a mother wiping their kid’s ice-cream covered cheeks.

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You were in the middle of helping Minhyuk with his new artwork for Monsta X’s exhibit when you decided to have some snacks. Taking continuous bites from your ham and cheese croissant, you didn’t notice the crumbs stuck on the sides of your lips. After finishing your part, you grabbed the canvas and walked towards Minhyuk and asked, “What do you think about this babe?” Whenever you asked Minhyuk about something, he would always look at your face before at the thing you’re holding. His happy smile would immediately turn into a thin line. He’d place a hand on both of your shoulders, bring his thumb to your lips to brush the crumbs off.

Are you trying to tempt me to make out with you, babe? ‘Coz if you are, I would take a break for a while and made some lip action with you. *wink* And, oh, you did a good job with the strokes.”

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The day went by quickly and you were already walking your way to Hyungwon’s apartment. He’d invited you over for some time to catch up with each other and cuddle. Pushing the door open, Hyungwon was already sprawled on the floor with tons of bread. He was already having snack before he takes a nap. As soon as his eyes landed on you, he offered you a pan to which you gladly accepted and ate alongside with him. Eating the piece of break in silence, you suddenly felt Hyungwon’s finger tucked under your chin, making you turn your head towards him. He’d immediately swipe his thumb on your lips while chewing. 

You gotvsve sumcjas crumbs nom nom nom.

You wouldn’t understand at first but understands it after a few seconds, making you smile. Hyungwon would smile back and continue on munching on his bread before pulling your towards him room for your nap together.

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You were out on a picnic with Jooheon. There were sandwiches, kimbap and many more. The two of you chitchatted with each other while feeding each other some sandwiches. In the midst of talking, you noticed some crumbs on the side of Jooheon’s lips. Grabbing a piece of napkin, you wiped his lips, making him look at you. He’d smile at you and thank you before he also noticed some crumbs on your lips. Jooheon would literally giggle to himself, making you look at him suspiciously.

You’re so cute, babe. Hehehe, let me wipe those crumbs off your lips.”

Before you could even protest, he was already wiping off your lips. Catching you off-guard, he’d quickly plant a kiss on your lips before giggling to himself.

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You were hanging out with Changkyun at the cafe after a long day of studying for your exams. Nibbling on the croissant that you’ve ordered, you continued to blabber on about what you’re planning to do during the semester break. In the midst of talking, Changkyun notices the crumbs resting on the corner of your lips. At first, he’d be hesitant. He’ll stare at your lips for a good two minutes or so and would literally listen to his own thoughts while nodding to every single thing that you say.

Is she doing that on purpose so that we can get some lip action or something?

He’d be so suspicious to the point that he’d observe your actions before finally giving in, calling you out before wiping the crumbs off the corner of your lips with his thumb. “Are you doing this on purpose so that we can have a heated session later?” He’d be teasing you the whole time, winking at you and making a rawr gesture with his hands.

hatefilledpoptarts  asked:

May I request domestic cooking todomomo hc? I hope you don't mind I have a few thoughts on it :3 Do you think they'd cook together or do it separately to help out while working? Do you think they'd even know how to cook and would try to learn together?

Hey @hatefilledpoptarts, thanks for the ask and I really like this topic for them…feel free to comment or add onto what I have here and sorry its quite long and its rated T LOL!!

-Todoroki is actually better at cooking than Momo; he learned to cook his own meals when his sister had to work late and when his siblings, except for fuyumi moved out, it was obvious that Endeavor wasn’t going to make dinner (he also had to overtime a lot given that he’s no.2 hero)

-Fuyumi taught him how to boil dumplings and fry eggs to start and then he experimented on his own after he got the basics down. By the age of 12, he was able to make decent fried rice, steamed veggies, breaded fish…etc. 

-He didn’t like cooking though; the fire on the stove reminded him of his father but he had to force himself to cook. 

-”sis, could I have my gyozas frozen?” “Uh….no, you have to panfry them, Shouto” “But I like my food cold.” “Listen to your big sis okay?”

-Yaoyorozu on the other hand, doesn’t know how to cook at all because she never needed to learn how to. That shocked her friends though because she was so talented in so many areas. Her parents told her she could take cooking lessons (private chef lessons, mind you) later, but they wanted her to focus on what she was currently doing such as studying for school, piano, violin, tea ceremony and flower arranging. 

-Her mother used to tease her about how she needs to find a husband who could cook or they’d have to hire a personal chef. In retrospect, its lucky that she found Todoroki (he makes his own bentoo for lunch too!)

-Uraraka and the other class A girls found out and suffered through Yaoyorozu’s beginning stage of cooking when they decided to bake cookies. Other than the occasional “woops…I think I added too much salt…”, Yaoyorozu also tried dumping in bonito flakes and seaweed into the batter.

-When todomomo got married and moved in together (after dating for like 6 years), they began splitting up chores +duties. Yaoyorozu immediately said she would be in charge of cooking.

-”All the meals? Are you sure Momo?” “Yupp!!” 

-Todoroki didn’t cringe at all at her cooking though he did think that it tasted like mud sometimes.

-He offered to cook together and she was against it at first but somehow got convinced by the food channel. Couples cooking together was apparently excellent for bonding time. 

-One time Yaoyorozu made breakfast after they made love the night before and she wore nothing but a crop top and panties. Todoroki walked into the kitchen that morning, saw her, and blushed so hard he had to quickly step back out.

-”Shouto, you’ve seen me wear less than this before.” “I know…ju-just let me reorganize my thoughts.” 

-He went back to their room and took a bathrobe and wrapped it around his wife. -Yaoyorozu giggled, “You’re still as gentleman as ever”

-Todoroki hugged her and nuzzled her neck and bluntly said, “Well no one has a wife as attractive as mine.” He’s so good at flirting sometimes that she still isn’t used to it after years of marriage.

-Todoroki tends to work later than Yaoyo especially after she became a teacher at UA. So when that happens she cooks alone. Though once, she failed so badly that they had to get take out asap. She was sad about it the whole night.

-Todo is such a cute dork and would watch youtube videos for recipes. He had to make sure the recipes had step-by-step instruction, as broken down as possible, so he could print it out for her.

-”Shouto, let’s make tempura today!” “Uhh….gimme a sec Momo…” *runs back to the room and hunts down the perfect video*

-Yaoyo appreciates his attention to detail very much because he would try to plate the food very nicely for her. For example, he’d make roses out of apple peels and hearts out of tomatoes. 

-Jirou tells her than she’s so lucky ‘cas todo tries to be romantic while Kaminari makes his food look like mush.

-With the help of his wife, Todo warms up to his dad by 1% (which is huge progress). Momo had her father-in-law visit bi-monthly and she would insist on making the food on her own, pushing Todo out of the kitchen. Apparently she had to make it with her own ‘sweat and blood’…as dramatic as she made it.

-Endeavor and Fuyumi sat across from the couple and Todo is mega protective of Momo so if anything offensive to Momo comes out of Endeavor’s mouth, he’d be the first to defend her. But that never happened and Endeavor actually TRIES to be nice about her cooking. 

-”Wow, my shitty dad is acting like a thoughtful human being for once?” “Sh….Shouto!! He can hear you…”

-For some reason, Momo has a knack for calming Endeavor (it was hard at first but he softens to her gradually…Todo thinks its ‘cas Endeavor likes her quirk to Momo’s protest)

-For their housewarming party, Yaoyo didn’t want to get teased by the others so Todo made all the food and pretended like she made it. It was their little secret.

-”Wow, Mrs. Todoroki, these truffled deviled eggs are amazing” Tokoyami said, licking his beak. The girl laughed and casually nudged her husband. Tokoyami cocked an eyebrow but didn’t question.

-Jirou found out though ‘cas when she asked for the recipe, Momo was speechless.

Nikuman recipe.

Nikuman are steamed bread. It can be filled with meat and/or vegetarian fillings.

To make it, you will need:

-400g Nikuman flour

-200mL milk

-100g sugar

-1 package of dry yeast

-300g ground meat (Here I used beef)

-1 onion


-Soya sauce

Step 1:

In a bowl, pour the milk and add the sugar and the yeast. Mix until the yeast is dissolved.

Step 2:

Add the yeast preparation to the flour. Knead the dough for 10 minutes. Add 1 tablespoon oil and knead again. Cover the salad bowl with a clean dish towel and  leave to rest for 60 minutes.

Step 2:

Cut the onions and in a oiled pan, cook it until the onions become soft. When it’s done, add the meat.

Step 3:

Take the dough, knead it again, and form 8 little balls.

Step 4:

Step 5:

Put the nikuman in a steaming basket (I used a couscous steamer), and cook it for 10 minutes.

Done!! They are not perfect but they are homemade!! ;)

i got some beautiful mantou (chinese steamed bread, it’s v fluffy and lightly sweet!) at the market yesterday.

halved, buttered, and thrown on the skillet…

and topped w cheddar, salami, and poppy seed dressing.

this sandwich was so unspeakably delicious i already feel like i need to make five more.  the mantou was so tender, contrasting with the buttery crisp edges, and the western-style sandwich fillings worked surprisingly well.  i wanna put some cucumber and maybe dill in the next one i make!