steam bend

“’It’ll be fun’, she said. ‘It’ll be RELAXIN’’, she said. The hell is so relaxin’ ‘bout gettin’ boiled alive!!?”


09/02/17 - I will consider to use elements of timber within my building. The elevated pods could potentially be constructed from steam bending timber, to create these elegant forms.

White River

So I wanted to start doing some Jurassic World stuff so I came up with this. If anyone wants more or wants to request anything, feel free to send me a message. *Based on a gif that isn’t my own*


Warnings; None.

Rain tapped on steamed glass, leaves bending and dark trunks dancing with the brute force of wind. The carriage rocked with each microscopic bend of the raised, metallic tracks which were roughly supported by large archways 30 foot in the air. Distant chirping dispersed among the rainforest, soon to be muffled out by the rolling shaded clouds crashing together. Resting your head along the back of your blue patterned seat you sighed happily, being the only one on the train brought serenity to you. Unaware that you’d drifted off, you were awoke suddenly by a welcoming female electronic voice, giving out instructions to the carriage which had halted itself. The brilliant greenery was now shadowed by towering murky doors and you’d realised you’d reached your destination. Sitting up straight you fumbled around with your army green shoulder canvas bag, neatening up papers and finding a packet of mints to which you happily popped on in your mouth, peppermint was known to sooth you. The carriage remained still for a few more minutes as the AI spoke, going through rules and regulations and history of your destination with a grating, enthusiastic pitch though you weren’t paying much attention.

“Please make sure that children are supervised at all times and finally, welcome, to Jurassic World.”

The moment she finished her sentence the doors unsealed with a powerful groan, two large torches at the top of podiums sparking life as the carriage picked up movement. The carriage pulled into a baby blue, appealing station and you were immediately greeted by a quirky red head, dressed head to toe in a white women’s suit, everything about her seemed animatronic, the way she looked, walked, introduced herself and you to some other robots in suits. You never expected it to be this formal, coming from studying neuroscience and behavioural studies back in Boston being such a relaxed environment, to go to the Isla Nublar where you thought most of the people lived outside, you weren’t expecting this much of a formality. Though it was getting near evening twilight so the temperature had dipped dramatically compared to the heat of midday. You were dressed less formally, in a pair of beige trousers and a frilled top, that was slightly too large and made from thin material with cut out shoulders providing enough air for you to adjust nicely.

“So, Miss Y/L/N, over the course of the next 3 weeks, you’ll be going around all the enclosures and doing psychoanalytic tests on all our dinosaurs here at the park, finishing with the four velociraptors. We expect full reports on each of our dinosaurs to be filled within two days of visiting them. So if you visit the Mosasaurus on Tuesday, I should be receiving the report by Thursday.” She sickly smiled and you nodded along, taking in each detail of what your new job consisted of doing. The workload was hefty but nothing that you couldn’t keep on top on, besides, having studied the behaviours of many different animals, including humans, you knew that you’d be able to work for a good month before people began taking an interest in you. Two weeks, 3 days, 408 hours, 24,480 minutes later and you’d filled out your many reports on all different kinds of dinosaurs like the Ankylosaurus, Baryonyx, Dimorphodon and Gallimimus and you were very much worn out. Not even getting the time to settle in to your new bunk or notice the present you’d been given from ‘your friends at InGen.’

A 5 tapped knock awoke you from your slumber, face pressed up against countless papers on your mahogany desk, the tapping came once more, this time more hurriedly and you grunted in response, picking yourself up, and tucking your already tied hair up, you’d been wearing the same clothes for practically the entire 3 weeks on the island. Between getting home late, doing paperwork and collapsing into a coma due to exhaustion you hadn’t the time to be focusing on your appearance, spraying your underarms with a quick burst of deodorant which you almost got mixed up with mosquito repellent, you tied your shoe laces and opened the door. Your chauffer which you called Doug even though he seemed to be a selective mute and never spoke otherwise so you weren’t entirely sure what his name was, greeted you with a slight smile, that was the extent of his expressions, before turning on his heel and opening the door to a lightly rusted grey jeep with antagonisingly large tires for the off terrain. Hopping in to the clad leather seat you buckled your seatbelt then placed your bag to the side of you, going over today’s to do list.

“Which exhibit are we seeing today Doug?” You queried, trying to lighten the depressed mood but it didn’t do anything, not even a small attempt of brightness peered through the situation, as if happiness had decided to stay back on mainland America.

“You.” He started, “Are going to see the Velociraptors today.” he finished, with a complete lack of empathy and enthusiasm. He never even turned to face you, instead remained solid as stone, concentrating on getting you to your destination, for that was his job, nothing more, nothing less. Your attention moved to the trees, hearing the familiar chirp of lemurs running along the branches, black and white striped tails dangling ever so slightly downwards, in your vision enough for you to recognise them. That was the good thing about Isla Nublar. All the animals you’d seen previously wore large amounts of fat and emitted the toxins of nicotine and bad language or had been in cages that you were studying, never did you see them in the wild. Their true un-manipulated nature shining through.

The dull looking enclosure grew in largeness as you quickly approached, coming to a swift halt as you got to the gates, dust flying from the car. Doug turned to you stiffly giving a straight faced grunt which was his way of letting you know you had to get out now. The belt unbuckled with a dainty click and you opened the door, sliding from your seat, hitting the sandpaper ground with a delicate thud. Pulling your satchel over your head to rest on your shoulders, you walked inquisitorially up to the main gate, peering inside. Everything was quiet and there appeared to be no staff whatsoever, perhaps Doug had got the location wrong but he didn’t stop to find out. Clearing your throat you gave a small ‘hello?’ and waited. No one heard you.

“Hello? Is anyone in there?” Taking a black biro from your pocket you tapped on the gates railings before hearing muffled voices.

“If that’s Hoskins again, I’m gonna feed him to Blue.” a deep voice spoke from above you but still no one owned up to it.

You waited a few moments before deciding you must have been at the wrong enclosure. Turning on your heels, you set off to walk back down the path you’d once driven along, trying to get signal to call Claire but coming up short.

“Hello!” A booming voice almost knocked you off your feet as you quickly shoved your phone away and turned to see whom was behind you. A tall man observed you, his skin dark and his eyes deep, he gave off life just by standing there.

“You must be Miss Y/L/N!” He held out his hand and you walked over, giving it a firm shake.

“Please, call me Y/n.” You spoke politely.

“Well, I’m Barry. I’ll be showing you around our amazing raptor enclosure. It’s the best one in the entire park if I do say so myself, though I may be a little biased.” His comments and lively personality earned a light chuckle from you, even though you’d heard pretty much every other member of staff say the same thing about their enclosure, so it left you feeling sceptical. He guided you through the gate and up a flight of stairs to a catwalk, to which you were introduced to other members of staff and some new interns, you greeted them all with a smile, which was tedious, perhaps that was why Claire gave off such a sickly grin. You opened up your bag, pulling out some paperwork and a clip board before readying your pen and giving Barry an enthusiastic shoulder nudge.

“Well, where are they? Let me at 'em.” you joked, making him laugh and you were thankful that he didn’t read between the lines and discover that all you did was want to go back to your home and finish all this paperwork.

“They’re coming now, hush, watch.” he held one finger up to his mouth and pointed at an opening in the far back corner of the enclosure just as another man, marched up onto the catwalk, his entire posture emitting control, he must have been their trainer. Paying no attention to him or him to you, your eyes focused on the raptors, he shouted various commands to them and they all obliged. They ran around the enclosure in a tightly knit circle before stopping as the trainer commanded, which was when you got to truly see them. Murky scales glistening in the sunlight, showing mixtures of swamp green, yellow and blue on each of them, you grew amazed at their stance, lengthy claws poking out from their feet. They seemed to squawk, turning to each other with beaded eyes before looking back up at the man, shifting their weight from their right leg to their left as they eagerly waited for commands, four of them, all controlled by one man. There’s something oddly disturbing about how these murderous beasts where controlled by the very food they hunted, it was, backwards. They turned to each other as the man barked more orders at them and you were able to fill out the necessary basics of their paperwork, upon doing so, you turned to Barry, mouth slightly agape making him beam at you.

“They’re cool right?“ 

You nodded in reply, excitement curling your lips, you wanted to walk over to the mystery trainer and quiz him on his abilities to keep these primitive animals under control but he was busy. So you waited…and waited…and waited. The evening had begun drawing close before you finally got the chance to meet him, he was tall, with broad shoulders, wearing a now stuck to his back, brown, short sleeved shirt and beige army trousers, his hair danced in the light breeze and though he had quite a lot of stubble, you clearly see his defined jawline. He squinted at you as you walked closer to him, his face had tanned slightly and a few freckles mixed with dirt and sweat dotted around his face glistening in the sun light. His face had aged due to being out in the sun but it was still young, he was indeed quite attractive.

"Yes?” His first words to you, not of nice introduction but of straightforwardness, you knew you weren’t going to make a good impression on this man and he hadn’t on you yet, the only admirable thing you had for him was his ability with the raptors.

“I’m here to study the velociraptors. I’m the parks new behaviourist and with the recent genetic studies I’ve been asked to look at each individual dinosaur for genetic attributes to their ancestors, with the raptors being last on my list.” You checked your paperwork and nodded to yourself for confirmation before looking back up at the trainer. Green eyes scaled you from top to bottom before he looked to the distance, seeing the sun set at the horizon.

“You’ll have to do it some other time, it’s too late now.” He uttered putting a hand on your shoulder to push you to the side, you protested arguing about Claire and he laughed mentioning something about her and tequila before leaving the enclosure. You turned back to Barry who shrugged.

“Eh, he gets like this sometimes, old navy ways I guess. Just, come back tomorrow or something. We’ll get it sorted out. Don’t worry.” he gave an appeasing smile which was supposed to comfort you but it just turned your stomach into knots, you weren’t prepared to face Claire’s wrath over something as ridiculous as this.

Doug dropped you back at your bungalow shortly afterwards, handing you a pristine envelope before driving away. Turning your key in the dried wooden door and having to slam your shoulder against it a few times before it gave way and allowed you to enter your own home, you threw your bags on the side along with the letter before getting an ice cold glass of peach water, the bubbles fizzed intoxicatingly as you brought it to your mouth to quench your thirst. Placing the now empty glass down, you closed your front door and untied your laces, kicking your shoes off onto your sofa. You waddled around your house in dirtied socks, picking up the letter and heading out your back door to your porch, that was the one place you enjoyed, overlooking the ocean with the stars shining down on you and the waves crashing into the sand it was quiet, peaceful, with the occasional cricket serenading to the moonlight. Grabbing your box of matches from the windowsill you lit a candle which flickered, mixing with the brilliant white of the moon, giving you just enough light to read your letter. You dug your nail into a corner before tearing in a straight line, it was an invitation of some sort.

Dear Miss Y/L/N,

We at InGen formally invite you to a Jurassic World after hours soirée on the 23rd of this month.

We do hope you can attend and the dress code is formal elegance.


Claire Dearing.

Great, a work party, tomorrow. You weren’t one for parties but you figured you’d go, perhaps you’d see more of the grumpy trainer man. You sat outside, humming to yourself, deciding on your dress as the night brought itself to a close.

You couldn’t wait.