steam bandits


Holy crap I can’t wait for this universe! Makes me sooooo excited for the Ouya and Steam Bandits Outpost. 

The idea of transgaming sounds incredible, especially in a free to play model.



My spg wall has been amplified. 

it just used to be my poster up on the wall, but since buying tons of stuff from the merch booth while at realmscon, i decided to put stuff up. 

may re-arrange it in the future, but for now it stays as is. 

(sorry david, my bedroom light kinda blocked out your face) 

so i got all the prints, the bag, the lanyard, the kazookaphone and 2cent show at realmscon. the rest i already had. 

I also got a bunch of stuff signed, like MKIII, MKIII playing cards, almost all the prints, the bag and the end of my lochaber axe.