FragFest is a fun, fast paced vehicular combat game with fully destructible environments and the ability to control all manner of weaponised vehicles across land, air and sea.

FragFest plays a little like Twisted Metal, but from an isometric perspective, and is a little easier to control and aim.  At your command you’ll have all manner of cool vehicles, including gunships, tanks, hovercraft, submarines and armored trains.

Playable in single player and online multiplayer, matches are fast, fun and carnage filled, with a wide variety of weaponry at your disposal, from lasers to the ability to control a volcano.  Planes, trains and automobiles – with guns!

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developed by Dreadlocks Ltd.  

A cyberpunk open world RPG.  

“Discover the truth behind an enigmatic AI striving to reach the Singularity, a theoretical “event horizon” in which artificial intelligence will surpass human intelligence and all bets about the future will be off. How will you play your part in the story?”

Released a week or so ago with a number of bugs that the devs have been working hard to fix.  It seems like most of them are under control now.  It shouldn’t have to be said, but it’s nice to see the developers supporting their game so well after release.

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Fire Fly by Robert Silverwood
Via Flickr:
A modern fully working replica of the early broad gauge Great Western Railway locomotive ‘Fire Fly’, first built in 1840. At the Didcot Railway Centre, Oxfordshire, England. HDR image from single RAW file. Software - RawShooter, Photomatix and Paint Shop Pro. <a href=“http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=207975901&amp;size=l”>Larger</a> size recommended.

Void & Meddler, Nobody likes the smell of reality

What’s Void & Meddler? We could describe the game in a basic way but no, to really understand what’s going on, we will first introduce you the genesis of the project.

Originally, there was a meeting between Dorian and Trevor, two musicians nurtured by noise rock from the 80’s, dark and industrial synthwave, road trips and cyberpunk literature. Seven years have passed since the first collaborations, and they needed to go further: create a more incisive universe beyond the limits of music.

But how? Reflection lasted more than a few seconds, they will make a video game! First it’s a passion since their childhood, when it was frowned upon, but most of all, with the emergence of the indie scene, it’s now possible to create without limits, without censorship!

They started during a Gamejam. The result: « No Wave », a point & click tribute to New York in the 80’s and and its noisy bands. As awesome as it was to achieve a demo, the two friends (now called NO CVT) were still surprised to see their creation extremely well received by press and people.

They did it again at Point&ClickJam. This time the prototype fully complies with NO CVT desires: a dirty cyberpunk universe focused on psychology and introspection of his character, a gameplay leaving the player free in its choices, without any moral but with real implications on the progress of the game. Void&Meddler was born.

It was time to get serious, and to carry out this project, the team has grown and they are now 5 people (Dorian and Trevor for Game Design, Story, Unity, Pixelart and Musics; Cera Kelly for Character Portraits; Sandra and Mathieu “BlackMuffin” for Environment Art).

The 6th person who completes this picture, and whom we owe so much is Michael Peiffert (Mi-Clos studio, creator of Out There), which, more than a publisher, is a real mentor.

So, NO CVT is proud to announce the upcoming release of Void & Meddler, Nobody likes the smell of reality.

On the game itself: It’s a deep trip inside the mazelike mind of Fyn, wandering in an uncertain era, in an undefined city. People are used to taking hormone drugs and collecting false memories. This make it easier to change their life, their gender, and become the person they want to be.

Void and Meddler will be a 3 episodes point&click adventure with a non-linear story for Windows and Mac. You can already pre-order the full season at a special price and start support the team. The first episode is due to release in october 2015.

Features :

• A non-linear adventure in 6 acts (3 episodes)

• Each act can end in several ways (different puzzles, different stories)

• Surreal atmosphere inspired by Philip.K.Dick, William Gibson, David Cronenberg, Shinya Tsukamoto and Gregg Araki

• Your actions may alterate the world around you

• A not so subtle mix between good old point and click features and a totally fucked up story!

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