Cardfight!! Online Launches Steam Greenlight Campaign

Two hours ago Bushiroad set up an application to get Cardfight!! Online approved for Steam, Valve Corporation’s software distribution platform. The campaign requires fan support in order for the game to become available through Steam; readers with Steam accounts are encouraged to log in and demonstrate their support for the game in order to get it greenlit. Distribution through Steam would dramatically increase public exposure to both the online game and to the Cardfight!! Vanguard trading card game as a whole.


MANOS: The Hands of Fate: Director’s Cut is now available on Steam!

“This game will be bigger than Skyrim!” - Bill Corbett, Rifftrax/Mystery Science Theatre 3000


Remember how every film had it’s own platform game adaptation? When every man, woman, child, animal and inanimate object were out to get your character? When the streets were filled with bats, ghosts and Frankenstein monsters? MANOS: Director’s Cut will take you back to the absurd adaptations of the past!

Lost on their vacation, Mike and his family have wandered the desert trying to find a place to stay, only to wind up in the mysterious Valley Lodge. Maintained by Torgo, an unusual man/satyr who "takes care of the place while The Master is away”, the hotel is swimming with paranormal activity which Mike has to brave through to find his now missing family. Who is The Master, and what does he want with Mike’s family? Armed with his trusty revolver, Mike will have to wander the haunted halls, venture out into the desert, uncover a dark temple and battle the forces of darkness to find out!

  • The worst movie of all time is now a video game!
  • Homages to all of your least favourite terrible movies and games!
  • Retro-style cut-scenes telling the not-so-classic story of MANOS, with art by Matt Kap, the pixel artist from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and Castle in the Darkness.
  • Unlockable PLAY AS TORGO mode

Go get it!


Magic Duels Origins is now available for free download on Steam, iOS and Xbox One.

It sucks again that it isn’t available on Android, I find this a real let down, and I’m surprised that it wont be hitting Playstation 4 for another year.

Hoping to give the game a whirl over the next few day and knock out a review for you guys soon.



When Pigs Fly is a wonderfully ridiculous physics-based aviation game in which you build flying machines out of old farm equipment, with an aim of making a pig fly.

You have a wide selection of parts available, from windmills to parrachickens, all of which can be easily slotted onto your aircraft to make some ridiculous and awesome contraptions.  However, it’s one thing making an aircraft that looks awesome, making one that can actually fly is another thing!  Once you’ve built a functioning aircraft you can take to the skies, carry out bombing runs and test your mettle on time trial runs.

When Pigs Fly is still early in development, but it’s already a great physics based sandbox to play around with.  A fabulous farmyard flying sim full of charm and spectacular smashes.

Play The Alpha Build, Free (Windows, Mac & Browser)


Codename CURE - a fast paced Left 4 Dead-esque co-op zombie shooter in which you play a squad of special military operatives in objective-based missions to infiltrate and blow up zombie outbreak epicentres.

You and your squad must break into zombie infected areas, plant a bomb and get out fast.  Infiltration is fairly easy, but getting back out before the bomb blows can be pretty tough - especially as the way you entered is often not accessible.

Codename CURE is still early in development and could do with a bit more graphical polish, but the team-based run and gun gameplay is already very enjoyable.  Fast paced zombie blasting fun.

Play the Beta, Free (Windows & Mac - Steam)