Steam: Chapter Fourteen

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When something hot meets something cold.

Chapter Thirteen: High Maintenance

Genos woke up first as usual and pried himself out of Saitama-sensei’s vice-like grip. Sensei rolled and mumbled groggily at his absence, but Genos was nearly wide awake moments after waking. He rarely felt groggy, thanks to all his body modifications, he was nearly always alert.

He tucked his half of the blankets around Sensei’s waist and fetched some shorts from one of the drawers in the closet and one of the baskets they took to the public bath house before making his way to the bathroom. Normally, first thing in the morning he would check online to see if there were any current disasters that needed immediate attention but he had taken the day off from the Heroes Association. He had a lot of personal maintenance to take care of.

Genos cut the shower on and stripped off his clothes as the water heated up. He stepped into the warm stream and for a moment just let the water beat a pattern against his chest, dousing his head under the stream. It felt nice. Then he sighed and got to work.

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Confined by Lee Acaster
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The private view of the IGPOTY exhibtion was at Kew Gardens on Friday, and I had half an hour beforehand to get a few shots on the way in.


Born on this day: February 13, 1950 - Singer, songwriter and musician Peter Gabriel (born Peter Brian Gabriel in Chobam, Surrey, UK). Happy 66th Birthday, Peter!!