Quarter 1 Video lookbook out now


Quarter 1:

The Balance

The front piece combines an upward “fire” and downward “water” triangle forming a toxic symbol of balance and divine union. The back is a summary of our company with our enriched tagline. Inside you will find our infamous Goddess trademark, which amalgams all mores. Combine these three concepts and you shall have a brief understanding of the Stealthy Kultuur

The Koi 

The fable of the koi fish reaching the peak of the yellow river to become a dragon symbolizes someone going through turmoil to attain triumph. The front piece is symbolic for the law of balance… Japanese good fortune with Chinese good karma

The Native

The native Arabian Peninsula leopard known for its sub-rosa behavior has been endangered for centuries; only a meager legion is still breathing making it one of the most reclusive cats on earth. The deviant creature is already construed as stealthy so it is complimentary to embed kultuur in its mother language