So every time I read about something negative Frankie said, it’s literally people twisting something I watched him say on the live feeds, using it out of context, and making it what it wasn’t. Cool, you don’t like him, you don’t have to. But why you gotta make up lies? Then there are people who like him (or people who don’t like him but are just logical, unbiased people) saying, “That’s completely false, but he did say or do [insert action they didn’t think was appropriate] like every other HG and he shouldn’t have, but he’s human.‘ 

So I was sitting there like, 'why is it okay for every other HG to say something mean and bash other people constantly (I’m mostly talking to you Christine),’ but if Frankie ties his shoes people grab their torches and start riots? I would like to mention that the same people saying Frankie is vile and disgusting are the same people sending death threats to his social media accounts..the same people allowing the person running Zach’s official fan account without his knowledge to use homophobic slurs (I wasn’t mad until this Jill Rance)...what does that make you all? Oh wonderful human beings? Oh because it’s okay for you to be hypocritical because why?? I don’t get it. 

Anyway, I was finally like wtf am I annoyed for and started laughing because when Frankie gets out the BB house, he’s literally going to continue to give zero fucks about what haters have to say. And that’s one of the reasons why I like him. (Also that Stealthmode Gay Boy dance was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen). 

Then I made this video. 
Haha. I’m about to get the most anon hate because anti-Frankie BB fans can’t help it. They’re itching to make him relevant by constantly hating on him like they have nothing better to do. I mean I’d rather celebrate something I like than take the time to bash something I don’t like, but that’s cool– he still have 200,000 more Twitter followers, almost 400,000 more Instagram followers, and almost 50,000 more YouTube followers than he did when he started the show. Lol. Also, after this is over, he’s continuing to build schools in third world counties… he’s terrible :P


Frankie just now.  Stealthmode Gayboy is here.

Props to the camera guy who zoomed in on Zach when Frankie started yelling and woke the baby ;)