stealth plane

Mama Bear

Imagine hunting Talia down after she had Damian killed.

My Son

Relationship: Enemy, Lover, Son

Character: Talia, Bruce, Damian

Talia had crossed a line and you were going to make sure she paid. You didn’t care if you broke Bruce’s stupid rule, that bitch had taken one of your boys from you and now it was time to take her life from her. You found her location with help of the Batcomputer, Bruce couldn’t stop you because he wasn’t here. You didn’t know where he was and you didn’t care. The boys were out patrolling so they couldn’t stop you either. Sending the location to one of the batplane you quickly jumped in and took off towards where as was.

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Aircrafts.. Glazing through the skies with their huge wings, transporting people and goods across frontiers. We see/listen to these beasts soaring through the skies on a regular basis.

But almost every time what we are referring to an aircraft, they are fixed-wing aircrafts. i.e their wing configuration does not change flight..

Behold the Variable Sweep Wing

But there are also wing configurations that can be changed during flight and these are known as Variable-sweep wings.

A variable-sweep wing, colloquially known as a “swing wing”, is an airplane wing, or set of wings, that may be swept back and then returned to its original position during flight. 

                                Dassault Mirage G with swept wing (top)

Typically, a swept wing is more suitable for high speeds, while an un-swept wing is suitable for lower speeds, allowing the aircraft to carry more fuel and/or payload, as well as improving field performance.

A variable-sweep wing allows a pilot to select the correct wing configuration for the plane’s intended speed.


Where is it used ?

There is a good chance that you haven’t heard about this, and thats because in this day and age they have been superseded by other advanced versions.

One of the major problems with this concept is that swept wings add weight, radar cross section, and additional mechanical maintenance.

These aircrafts were built for speed. By altering the swept angle, they were able to achieve higher speeds, which was the need of the hour back in those days.

But with today’s engine technology, stealth tech, and radar systems, our pilots can maneuver or avoid threats altogether through surveillance aircraft, rather than depend strictly on speed.

Pretty Cool eh?

  • What I say: I adore Bruce Banner
  • What I mean: Bruce Banner is the epitome of light and goodness in this world. I think he's the best Avenger so far because he truly fears his own power and I think therefore has the greatest respect for it. Not only does he fear what the Hulk does, but you can even see that in the level of control the Hulk actually has. The Hulk never attacks any of the other Avengers, he can follow orders somewhat, and he can even calm himself down when Nat uses The Lullaby on him. I think Bruce is somewhat conscious in there the whole time, and while he can't stop some of the collateral damage caused by the Hulk, his restraint shines through in several places, including his decision to carry an unconscious Nat to safety and the decision to not turn off the stealth-mode on the plane. His love for his friends, fear of himself, and desire to keep everyone safe even at the cost of his own happiness is prevalent even when he's "The Other Guy." He is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure.

Loki sat next to his handler in the stealth plane, Strike team had been sent out on a mission. The green-eyed asset stared dully out a window, eyes impassive and blank. He curiously examined the gun in his hand, admiring its mechanics and exterior. Some of the other members of Strike team were looking at Loki, biting their lips and glancing over his body. Strike had been given freedom to do whatever they wished to their new asset. Loki frequently saw a lot of abuse, sexual and physical, done to his body. Pierce had found the young man and turned him into the perfect weapon and obedient soldier, once Loki had been properly trained, he gave him to Strike team as a present and an asset, to use as they saw fit.