stealth patrol

Dungeon Design: Guiding Player Movement Part II

This time I’m going to go over some factors that guide movement that are less about visual composition and more about content. I am using the same map from Part 1, a map of an icy cavern frost giants are using as a lair. An entrance to a hero’s lost tomb is located within.

Mechanical Design

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Dishonored Go

Put on your creepy mask and let’s go!

Master the arts of stealth by avoiding guards patroling your streets

Assassinate the targets,or non lethaly eliminate them

Locate trash cans nearby

Find food in the trash cans

Consume the food

You can also find elixir

Search for runes/bone charms

You’ll find rats in the nearest corner

If you find them, RUN as fast as you can!! 

But you must eat the albino ones…