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I just finished The Hidden Oracle

and though it was an absolutely amazing and hilarious book, I can’t help but feel like Rick didn’t necessarily have to put any of the seven or other major characters in it yet.
On the other hand it was a very tactical and smart choice of him to put a little amount of Percy, solangelo, Leo and gayness in it, so he didn’t get assassinated by ninja-stealth-mode fangirls, like he almost got by some when there was no Percy in The Lost Hero.

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2ps react to person they care a lot about getting Kidnapped please!

America/Allen: Have you ever hears of the “Navy Seals Copypasta?” If so, that is exactly what he would be like. All talk, but when it comes down to it, he would be nervous as hell to go in and save you.

England/Oliver: He would feel far too anxious to take matters into his own hands, and instead would hire someone to investigate while he stayed home and assured himself you were going to be alright.

France/Vincent: On the outside it would seem as if the situation did not affect him at all, when inside he would be figuring out who may have taken you, and how he was going to kill them in the most excruciating way possible.

Russia/Viktor: Like a combination of France and England, he would want to get involved and find out who took you, but he knows that if he did so, he might suffer a panic attack, and instead enlists help from the most trustworthy people he knows.

China/Zao: Similar to America, once he found out who took you from him, he would spout threats like no other, then actually go in and kick ass without hesitating. 

Canada/James: Very similar to France, he would seem completely indifferent, but as soon as he was alone, he would be doing more research than the CIA. It wouldn’t take him long to find you, and when he did, he would swoop in, guns blazing.

Germany/Lutz: Ohohohoh, I pity the guy who has to deal with Lutz after kidnapping you. Lutz would practically call in the National Guard to go rescue you. He’d be damned if he let anyone take you away from him without putting up a decent fight.

Japan/Kuro: I hate to say it this way, but he would go full ninja-stealth mode. He would easily find out where you were being held, then sneak in and get you out without anyone knowing, taking as few lives as needed.

Italy/Luciano: Have you ever heard of the phrase “The face that launched a thousand ships?” That very accurately describes how he would react. He would be on the case right away, and have people on hand at a moment’s notice, to just kill everyone, allowing him enough time to come in and rescue you.

-Admin Irish.

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What kind of stupid brotherly fights have you and Dean gotten into?

What kind of stupid brotherly fights haven’t we gotten into? Car trips were insane when we were young. Kicking seats, pulling on seat belts, flicking, pinching, all of that happened. And then it all happened in some kind of ninja stealth-quiet mode after dad told us to cut it out. 

We’ve fought over liking the same girls, over who gets which bed in hotels (that still happens sometimes, even as adults), we’ve fought over who showers first because the second person will always be in cold water. Now that I’m thinking of it, not all, but a lot of these get solved with rock, paper, scissors. You’d think Dean would have learned by now. -Sam