stealth is my middle name

Sneaking In

I thought I was being quiet. I swear I was. 

But then again, Stealth wasn’t exactly my middle name. So, you could imagine the noise I made when I tried sneaking back into the Bunker. You’d actually think I couldn’t care less about what the Winchesters thought about my midnight rendezvous, but I was mortified about what Dean would think.

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“'We agree on how this works, right? We’re not looking for a fight. This is a spy mission. No one do anything dramatic, like morph into an elephant and go on a stomping spree.’

Cassie was looking at Rachel. Rachel has an elephant morph. She’s very fond of it.

Rachel laughed. ‘Absolutely. Spy time. Stealth is my middle name.'”

- Book #6: The Capture (Jake), pg. 42 (by K.A. Applegate)