stealth haiku

Dishonored Haiku

Outsider! A noise!

I dart under a table

I am not ashamed


Chandelier - bad spot

to hide the bodies of guards

Ends in tragedy


Hid guard in bookshelf

he squeezed through the wall - like jam!

Don’t know if he lived


I want Emily.

Can I see her one last time?

Before I’m poisoned?


Please don’t do it, Daud.

That’s my good stuff you got there.

Weepers can’t use it.


When Delilah died,

her last words rang in the Void.

“Daud, you piece of shit!”


I try to climb it -

a line wrapped in barbed wire.

I fast meet the ground.


How sweet, old Granny

You think I’m your lost husband

You did what to him?


Never ever swim

Hagfish get indigestion

Bad for everyone


A piece of paper

fluttering free in the Void

You cannot save her


I possess the man

Taking his mind, his body

Havelock dies, puking


“Isn’t this quite fun?”

Says the dark-eyed, floating man

Rats rage under streets


Why are there clams here?

Half my size, spitting acid

Fuck me for dying


A voice cries for help

A woman, covered in vines

I don’t buy that shit


I kind of like it

Shouldering sleeping bodies

Like having a friend


The Hatters - so chic!

I want their hats so badly

on my graying head


The hell is blocking?

I don’t know about combat

Shadows are my friend


Oh no. Above me -

that tinkling, awful sound

Don’t walk under guards