stealing bread

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Send me “/)///v///(\” to see how my muse would talk about yours, to another person.

☆ . “yes, ‘m sorry, i know he stole all yer bread– listen. ‘m, uh… sure… it’ll get back to ya’ somehow… okay, maybe not, but i’ll make sure to keep an eye on him next time! i promise he’s a good boy, he’s just… uh… hungry. i feed him as much as i can, but i also can’t cook worth shit. it’s what he’s used to, ya’ know? findin’ food wherever he can. ‘m tryna change that for him, but some habits are real hard to get rid of! it’s kinda like teachin’ a feral cat to accept ya’ and eat from yer hand. it’s real hard, ya’ know! it takes a lot of patience, and i ain’t a patient guy! but ‘m doin’ it for him, and he’s gettin’ better reeeal slowly, i promise. he used to only beat the shit outta me, so i mean, look at that progress, huh? he’s gonna get better, i swear. that’s my job! as for yer bread, though… sorry ‘bout that, cuz ya’ boy don’t have an actual payin’ job. yoink!” and he’s grabbing the boy and running.

Food isn’t really a necessity for us, since we gain our energy through light … however we do occasionally get “ offerings ” from stupid mortals who see us as some sort of Gods.

I just wish they would “offer” us something rather than Malsada. I’m getting sick of it.

( Celestine likes a lot of sweet foods, Necro likes sour and sweet foods )