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About Mary Margaret

You know what I cannot stand it when anyone in the show calls Snow, Mary Margaret any more. Mary Margaret was the name that Regina forced Snow to have when she stole her life from her. Her name is Snow White. Yes it has been a long time but once the curse was broken and she had her own identity back they should have went back to calling her Snow. Mary Margaret is a fake personality that Regina made up to hurt Snow when she took away her happiness, her husband, her free will and her entire existence, to be honest. Just like everyone else in Storybrooke. Just because you live in different world than where you are from does not mean you become a different person.(except when the curse was on them but obviously I’m talking post curse here) It just feels like an insult to the victim to continue using their fake name as if to say that it doesn’t matter that she got the name from someone purposely trying to hurt her. It’s like saying that she doesn’t deserve to be herself anymore. It’s like saying Regina still owns her. Because get real when someone erases your memories, gives you fake ones, changes your entire life to something more suited to them and makes sure you are unable to do anything about it, that is control. Since she is no longer under Regina’s control she should only be called by her proper name. Which is Snow White.